Voice Services

The foundation of Benemen cloud-based services


Voice Services with any device and anywhere

As a registered telecom operator in multiple countries Benemen provides fixed line and mobile voice services with basic services like making and receiving calls and converging fixed and mobile services. In addition Benemen enables advanced services such as call center services, when there is a need to handle large amounts of inbound calls. Benemen also provides calling capabilities to Office 365 (Microsoft Teams).


BeneVoice for Teams

  • Integrates Teams with the rest of the communication platform including contact centers, switchboards and mobiles.
  • Device independent solution with multi-operator connectivity.
  • Mobile and/or fixed phone numbers for Teams users with no roaming costs for international calls.
  • Intelligent call routing to predetermined and currently available devices.




Cloud PBX

  • Consolidate your different PBXs to one cloud-based PBX environment.
  • No more need for on-premise equipment.
  • No need for agreements with local operators abroad.
  • Includes call center functionality and integrates with mobile and unified communications.

Intelligent routing

  • Customer data is used to route incoming calls to the best possible destination.
  • Increase first call resolution rate and overall customer experience.
  • Enables lower delays in answering.
  • Makes IVR passing possible.



Global numbering

  • Local PBX numbers in foreign countries without local operator agreements.
  • We deliver phone numbers for your users, offices and inbound call centers in more than 100 countries around the world.
  • Uniform numbering and unified maintenance and billing.



IVR & Call Recording

  • IVR allows callers to choose call destinations by entering digits on their phone.
  • It can be used for simple menu structures or advanced applications collecting information to ensure the call is being routed to the best possible agent.
  • Robust call recording solution for all types of phone calls and for different enterprise needs.

How to Optimize Your CX Strategy with Voice

Our report brings together research and experience-based insights of the future of customer service and expectations for it. With this report, we want to give you some tips, ideas and guidelines to feel inspired when re-thinking the customer service processes and tools.




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