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Modern operator focusing on business communications

Modern operator 

Benemen is natively an internet-company and modern operator focusing on business communication. Operating in partnership with best operators and renting their networks for mobile connectivity allows us to productize commercial services to support better new ways of working.

Our service portfolio is not dependent on one selected network. It means that we are able to adapt local markets quickly by rolling out good practices directly to the product portfolio, globally.

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Nordic operator

  • Operator focusing on modern business communication and services. 
  • In the Nordics mobile PBX services are mandatory, our mobile portfolio is connected to most scalable and unified platforms you can buy. 
  • Being network agnostic makes it possible to choose always the best or most suitable network for customer's needs.
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Smartly productized telecom

  • Our products are designed to different user group needs creating better value both for individual users and organizations.
  • Productization takes account mobile and IP calling in the way that it supports organization to take full advantage of modern communication.
  • One size doesn’t fit to all. In our portfolio we support low cost and easy to budget products or pay-as-use model.
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Future proof solutions

  • Telecommunication is evolving all the time and so are we. We are carefully preparing to support mobile services converting to full IP.
  • VoLTE will transform mobile calls to utilize mobile data networks such as 4G, 5G and Wifi. Call quality is improved into same level where it is in Unified Communication service today.
  • 5G networks will give less latency, more speed and bandwith for applications. This means more business communication is moving on top of mobile data and new solutions will be innovated.
  • Quite soon eSim is starting to be a new norm and network or service provider is changed by just a few clicks.


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  • Business benefits with fast information flows through mobile data. In our design philosophy we give fast data speed to our subscribers.
  • Different price points are supported with amounts of data quota per month based on users needs.
  • Data only-sims, private APN’s and other suplementary data services are available.

Interested to see modern operator in action?


Screen with cloud pictured inside