Customer Service

Embedded voice in omni-channel customer service 


Improved customer experience and efficiency

Well performing omni-channel customer service has 360 view to customers. Additionally, up-to-date customer information is in the center of all the operations and available to be utilized by the contact center professionals in each customer interaction.

First call resolution (FCR) is improved significantly when background information is used for routing the calls directly to the best know-how in the organisation. This means immediately  better customer experience and shorter customer hold times.

To be able to predict and plan resourcing for the peak hours in the customer service - reporting needs to be up-to-date. With the history data and chosen metrics the customer service managers can use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the future peaks and scale resources accordingly.


Voice embedded into Salesforce omni-channel framework

Benemen completes the Salesforce Omni-Channel offering by bringing in voice calls, external call routing and call queue management accompanied with full operator infrastructure for mobile, fixed line
subscriptions and enterprise traffic through cloud.

Functionality includes Open CTI integration, Omni-Channel, Callback handling, Call recording, IVR, configurable workflows and reporting.

Our product BeneVoice for Salesforce is available on Salesforce AppExchange



Seamless voice integration to Microsoft infrastructure

Benemen aims to be the most versatile mobile and fixed line telephony and contact center solution provider globally in the Microsoft ecosystem with a strong expertise in company-wide call routing.

Benemen has been working and developing solutions in Office 365 Teams and Dynamics 365, using all available enterprise data to realize intelligent, effective and customer experience centric ways to handle call and contact routing and connectivity.




Reporting service offers all the tools for analysing all communication events and behaviour taking place in the organization.

Data can be easily transformed into visual reports.

Predefined and tailored dashboards and templates for different business levels, functional needs and roles.

Advanced reporting functionality is powered by Qlik.



Call Center and Switchboard

Efficient and intelligent tools for handling inbound contacts

Cloud-based, operator and terminal independent solution

Prompt access to the customer-related information

Smart routing and real-time traffic management tools for controlling incoming contacts

Check availability of persons with proper skills or expertise

Examples of other features: recording of all calls, call cost optimization, on-line monitoring and CRM integrations



How to Optimize Your CX Strategy with Voice

Our report brings together research and experience-based insights of the future of customer service and expectations for it. With this report, we want to give you some tips, ideas and guidelines to feel inspired when re-thinking the customer service processes and tools.




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