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Since its foundation, Toyota has been using its Guiding Principles to produce reliable vehicles and sustainable development of society by employing innovative and high quality products and services. Toyota’s mission is to deliver outstanding automotive products and services to their customers, and enrich their community, partners and environment.

Toyota’s four core values are

  • Customer first
  • Respect for people
  • International focus
  • Continuous improvement and innovation


Upgrading the communications solution

Toyota Auto Finland decided to upgrade their communications solution because the features in the existing solutions started to be out dated. It was planned to improve the quality of Toyota’s service channels and to update the solution with new communication tools for the employees to make working and communicating easier, more effective and, if necessary also location independent.

The existing Ericsson MD switchboard solution was seen laborious to maintain and it was not flexible enough for the kind of changes in Toyota’s ever-changing business environment. When looking for a new solution several pilot programs were conducted, different software phones and mobile switchboards were tested, but all the pilot programs were stopped as no fitting solution was found.

In 2012 Toyota’s ICT department took over the responsibility of telephony systems and projects related to this. After a comparison of different solution providers, Benemen’s solution was chosen to be best fitting the needs of Toyota. Benemen could deliver a unified communications solution where the individual components build up a solid well integrating communication platform.

Benemen especially answered to the needs for integrations to other business critical systems like CRM in Toyota’s business environment. The Benemen communication platform can also be updated, adjusted and scaled to changing requirements when needed.

Skype for Business integrated 

The Benemen communication platform integrates different solutions into one solid entity. At Toyota, Skype for Business (former Microsoft Lync) was integrated with the Benemen platform to a truly unified communication solution. Now users can call and answer calls to their personal number with Skype for Business or their mobile. Other users can see the unified availability of their coworker’s Skype for Business client or mobile devices to really know the most effective way to communicate.

The implemented solution includes a switchboard and Call Center solutions for Toyota's branded services. Every end-user was equipped with Microsoft Skype for Business client and most users with Benemen mobile phone subscriptions seamlessly integrated to the communications solution.

Integrations to business critical solutions

To get full benefits out of the new communications solution, existing business critical solutions needed to be integrated seamlessly. A integration was implemented between the Benemen communications solution and Toyota's CRM-solution.

Workstation integrations

The integration was implemented as workstation integration enabling the recognition of the callers based on CRM-data. This way callers get the best service from Toyota immediately after the contact has been made.

A switchboard solution that truly serves customers Switchboard operators also take care of the lobby service and mail distribution inside the company. This is why it must be possible to answer calls also when on move. Toyota's switchboard solution was implemented in such a way that incoming calls are ringing on each device of the operators. Therefore the service level will be as good as possible regardless of the location of the answering persons.



Toyota's Call Centers, communication solutions supporting the brand

The Toyota Info service number 0800-13663 is a free-of-charge service for Toyota drivers. The service line offers information about Toyota models and provide services to Toyota owners. The service is available on weekdays from 8.00 am to 16.00 pm. The Toyota Info number however, offers 24 hours service. Outside service hours, incoming calls are routed to the national Finnish Road Service if acute help is needed.

Conferencing services easily 

Benemen implemented the Toyota Info Call Center solution as a seamless part of the overall communications solution. The service contributes to customer satisfaction by making contacting and communication with Toyota as easy as possible. The right Toyota know-how is easily available to drivers as the best possible expert is always available without hassle or long waiting times. Mobile employees Benemen provided conferencing services to the regional sales managers in 80 different locations. Conferencing services enable people to easily join the meetings either by mobile phones, tablets or computer no matter the location. Aim is to further raise the amount of virtual meetings instead of the traditional face-to-face meetings in the future. This way travel expenses will be saved as well as time.

The Benefits for Toyota

Toyota realized the following benefits implementing the Benemen communications solution:

  • Cost and time savings by actively using virtual meetings.
  • Able to provide better customer care easier with functional switchboard and call center services. Switchboard and Service agents are able to handle customer calls also when away from their service desk.
  • A cloud based communications platform enabling truly unified communications including integration to business critical systems.
  • Ability to seamlessly add new services to a well-functioning cloud based communication platform in the future when needed.
  • A dedicated Benemen service manager that knows the customer and services in use. Device independent unified service experience.
  • Availability and reporting are unified across the entire company. With the updated unified solution traditional silo-based service structures belong to the past.



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