For their more than 50 hair salons in Poland Provalliance Poland Sp. Zoo was looking for a unified communications platform that would operate independently of location and could be integrated with their existing customer relationship management system. 

Provalliance Poland Sp. zoo, based in Warsaw, manages the Jean Louis David hair dresser brand in the Polish market; (2,400 salons worldwide with over 50 in Poland).

In order to improve, speed up and simplify their customer service and call handling and create a consistent, high-quality customer experience, Provalliance wanted to integrate the call center operations and corporate IP telephony of Jean Luis David into one unified, cloud-based communication platform.

Since Provalliances stores are located in different places across Poland the capacity of the available telecommunication infrastructure varies considerably. The company needed a solution to be independent of location and able to operate through the public Internet.

“Benemens integrated, cloudbased communications solution has helped us to optimise our customer service by increasing the efficiency and personalising the contact with our customers. This has resulted in a remarkable increase in the amount of visits booked”, says Tomasz Bączyk, CEO of Provalliance Poland Sp. Z o.o.

Integration with Salesforce CRM

Another important requirement was that the communications solution could be integrated with their existing Customer Relationship Management system, Salesforce CRM.

Tomasz Bączyk: “In order to build lasting and positive relationships with our customers that result in loyalty and long term cooperation it is extremely important to make sure that reliable, up-to-date data is available in our CRM system whenever a customer call. Besides that, we need to be able to analyse all call and customer related information for the purpose of forecasting, and creating marketing and sales campaigns etc.”

Benemens partner, Comtrust, implemented a cloud-based communications solution which is delivered from the Benemen platform in Finland and is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM. The system provides Provalliance with contact center functionality for handling contacts on their hotline and PBX and IP telephony functionality for individual contacts between salons and their customers. All users - call center agents and hairdressers - are connected to one centrally managed system regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, the system for call center agents is integrated with Skype for Business.

Call Center with inbuilt intelligence

Customers wishing to book a visit to a Provalliance salon call the general hotline built into Benemens Contact Center. Benemen transmits the number to Salesforce CRM to identify the caller. If the caller is identified, his or her card is opened so that the agent can see who is calling before they pick up the phone. Verification, identification of the caller and presenting customers data in CRM takes only a few seconds. In case the customer is not identified in CRM, agents easily can create a new card in the system. With the integration of Benemen and Salesforce all information such as phone number, details of time and duration of conversations are saved automatically.

Once a customer has reserved a time slot through the call center the visit has to be confirmed by the respective hairdresser. The Benemen telephony system ensures the information about the caller and the booking, including the information from the CRM system, is sent to the right salon and hairdresser immediately.


Chatter and hair driers

The hairdressers at the salons use IP telephony integrated with CRM to reach out to their customers. The working environment of hairdressers is characterised by background noises of chatter and the sound of hair driers so Benemen adapted the system configuration to reduce the noise and sharpen the voice and created an integration with Jabra Direct IP DECT wireless headphones. This means that employees in the salons can answer calls even they are away from their workstation and talk with customers without being distracted by the background noise.

All calls with customers are recorded and saved in a secure portal from which they can be listened to and analysed in an easy and safe way. Links to the call recordings are saved in CRM customers cards. Agents do not lose time on manual input and there is no longer a risk for delays or errors and the CRM system is always up to date.


“This new way of working really meets all of our expectations. We have increased the efficiency and the productivity of our communication process and by doing so reduced our costs. Especially useful in our daily operations are the reporting of waiting time, central call registration and listening of call recordings easily from Salesforce. However, our greatest win is that we have been able to improve our customer experience, which is reflected in a  considerable increase of the amount of visits booked”, says Tomasz Bączyk. 


Scalable communications solution

A big advantage of the new communications solution is its scalability; the amount of services used can easily be increased or reduced depending on current needs. In case of expansion, for example when a new salon is opened, there is no need to invest in a new PBX or further integration with CRM. All it takes is the creation of a new user in the system, provide him or her with a handset and after a few minutes of training the new employee can start answering or making calls.

Since the implementation of the new solution the performance of Provalliances call center has improved markedly. Not only can call center agents now handle calls within 1- 2 minutes, thanks to the integration with the CRM system and the immediate access to customers’ card and salons’ calendars they are able to turn each call into a personal encounter. With this access to quantitative and qualitative data the company can build a real 360˚ customer view. The real-time monitoring and reporting provide essential information for managers to take the right decisions about customer needs and service processes.

For customers the solution means that they can quickly and easily book a visit by calling the hotline, which is then confirmed personally by their preferred hairdresser. There is no loss of contact or business opportunity - each customer is served in an efficient and personalized way.


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