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Case Study: Tapiolan lämpö
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Better availability creates better customer experiences 

Tapiolan Lämpö group's customer services have obtained communication tools from Benemen, making staff both more reachable and more efficient. 

Tapiolan Lämpö was founded as the main heating company in Tapiola, Espoo, in 1956. The company's operations have grown and diversified over the years.


+ 300 real estate professionals


+ phone calls a year


+ emails a year

Trusted expert in real estate business

Today Tapiolan Lämpö group offers building management, expertise and repair, maintenance and transport services to housing and property companies in the Greater Helsinki area. The group has a staff of more than 300 real estate professionals.

When it was time to modernise Tapiolan Lämpö group’s telephone system, it was important to find a scalable, agile and advanced system to support the group’s growth targets.

Flexible and versatile service

Tapiolan Lämpö’s wanted to improve its operations by making its staff more reachable and reducing customer service response times. They also wanted a tool for customer service development.

Combined with the BeneDesk for Windows system, Benemen’s mobile phone subscriptions for about 300 users created the basis for Benemen’s solution.

“We were particularly impressed by being able to access availability data directly from the SIM card and the Office Mikko Kauppinen round photo365 environment. We were also delighted by how easy it was to create and use service pools,” says Development Manager Mikko Kauppinen of Tapiolan Lämpö group.


According to Kauppinen, the Benemen service and mobile phone subscriptions is the most versatile service option, providing the best operational support for Tapiolan Lämpö operations and being more advanced than rivals on the market. Having used the system for several years, he knows what he is talking about.

“The service is easy to use, you do not need new equipment and can communicate with standard desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones,” says Kauppinen.

What’s the best way of getting hold of a mobile serviceman?

Real estate maintenance requires careful planning, but housing companies and properties sometimes have urgent and unexpected repair and maintenance needs. A sewer may become blocked or the heating system may be broken. That’s when you want to get in touch with a repairman right away.

This does not necessarily happen unless customer service acts promptly and the right serviceman can be reached.

Tapiolan Lämpö has some 30 people working in customer service, receiving 500–650 phone calls and 350–500 emails every day. People usually move house and change their lease agreements at the turn of the month, so these are the busiest times for Tapiolan Lämpö.

About 85% of Tapiolan Lämpö staff are mobile: servicemen, building managers, technical experts, environmental maintenance staff and drivers in the transport department. Benemen’s communications solution enables mobile employees to join service pools with their mobile phones. This has improved their reachability significantly. Employees can be added to and removed from service pools as necessary.

Better availability creates better customer experiences

Tapiolan Lämpö is now using a dozen or so service pools, in which the number of calls, response times and call duration are followed daily. The Benemen service routes calls to the correct numbers automatically. Thanks to this smart routing and real-time monitoring, resources can be channelled precisely where they are needed.

Kauppinen says that the group used to have a manually updated phone directory, in which each employee marked their absences. Once the Benemen services were launched, all employees were added to a directory covering the entire group, showing not only their phone numbers and user details but also everyone’s active reachability statuses.

Benemen also assisted customer services with email processing and ticketing. “Previously, up to 30 people could be reading the same email account, which caused confusion and slowed down the system. The current ticketing and categorisation facilitate email management, and everything is now going smoothly,” says Kauppinen with a smile.

To support resource planning, Benemen’s reporting service not only lists the number and duration of calls, but also issues such as when the calls were made and how quickly they were answered. Reporting data has enabled us to increase or decrease customer service resources according to need. Reporting has greatly contributed to operational planning and thereby become an excellent tool for work management.


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