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Category: Case Study
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More calls, better profits

The Taksi Helsinki dispatch centre boosted its efficiency with Benemen. Annually, the centre can now handle 140,000 more calls and it has boosted profits by over 20%.


Taksi Helsinki Oy is a taxi company owned by roughly 1,000 taxi drivers and the taxi drivers' association Helsingin Taksiautoilijat ry. There are around 1,300 Taksi Helsinki cars on the road and they carried 6.3 million fares in 2018. The Taksi Helsinki dispatch centre receives 2 million phone calls a year. Over 50% of taxi journeys are ordered by phone or other ordering channels today. 


Taksi Helsinki cars on the road


Phone calls a year


percent of taxi journeys ordered by phone

Service centre increases its productivity

Hailing a taxi on the street has clearly declined in popularity. Orders have increased over the years, which is why Taksi Helsinki wanted to develop its service centre operations and equip it with multifunctional tools for handling orders. Supervisory tools also played an important role.

With the help of the Benemen service, the service centre cut out idling, as it was able to redirect calls in the queue to the next available operator. The increased efficiency of the service centre was seen in the number of calls answered: it was able to answer 140,000 more calls, an increase of 7%. The total percentage of answered calls was 95%. Customers who got a taxi more quickly and easily benefited. The increased number of fares, in turn, was seen in Taksi Helsinki’s growth in profits in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

Jari Kantonen round picture

“For us, it was decisively important for Benemen to be able to support Taksi Helsinki flexibly and with agility in our operator and phone system services as our business grows. Our cooperation has been smooth and productive,” Taksi Helsinki CEO Jari Kantonen says.


In addition, Kantonen says that work supervision has become easier thanks to Benemen reporting. Online reporting significantly boosts the service centre’s efficiency, as reports means operators’ personal performance can be measured and each of them can be assigned a personal goal for phone calls.

Availability, reliability and service quality are competition factors on the taxi market

The liberalization of the taxi market has seen new entrants, including taxis of all kinds. A survey conducted by Taksi Helsinki showed that the make of a taxi is not that important for customers. Rather, the availability and reliability of a taxi fare are important factors for them, as were service quality, including how clean the car is. In addition to the taxis on the road, the best way to influence taxi availability is to ensure the service centre works efficiently. When all the incoming calls to the service centre enter the same loop, the caller need wait no more than a few seconds for an available operator. Another way to improve quality is through personal service. When the phone system is connected to the service centre dispatch system, the operator receives information about any special requests or needs the customer may have before taking the call. Taksi Helsinki’s business is based on precisely these meaningful factors: good taxi availability, the taxi operator’s reliability and service quality.

A single phone number for easier orders

For many customers being sure about a smooth journey is important, as they order their taxis well in advance. One way to ease ordering a taxi is a single phone number that can be used to order a taxi both in the capital region and elsewhere in Finland. With Benemen as the operator, the same phone number can be used in any corner of the country. At present, one Taksi Helsinki phone number can be used to order taxis in the capital region, Savo and southwest Finland. What could be an easier way to travel than ordering taxis with the same phone number at both ends of your journey? You simply get into a taxi at your front door, hop on a train or plane, and continue to your destination in a pre-ordered taxi.


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