Case Pohjantähti: Seamless customer service

A story of how insurance company Pohjantähti managed to build an unbroken customer journey and an easier and more effective customer workflow, run from a single cloud.

Customer experience is at the heart of all operations

Just before entering the ‘new normal’, Pohjantähti decided to differentiate itself by choosing voice as the key channel for customer encounters. This enabled human-to-human touch in all key touchpoints.

Becoming the most desired and intimate insurance company in Finland is at the core of Pohjantähti’s strategy. Pohjantähti's customers are provided with personalised experience every time, their employees are highly engaged and the company is transforming itself according to the changes in market demand. Pohjantähti intends to be a human-size insurance company, whose services are always personal and warm, where customers' experience is in the middle of everything.

Pohjantähti's goals of transformation

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20% better customer retention

An omni-channel customer service model, where customers' experience is equal and seamless irrespective of the channel used during the customer journey.

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Significantly improved customer experience

In service contexts, the customer can be identified automatically and each service situation is effectively initiated on familiar ground by leveraging all customer and history data.

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25% more effective use of resources

Automatic workflow through, an intuitive user interface with all the necessary capabilities and access to all customer information speeds up the resolution of service situations and reduces unnecessary work, leaving more time for productive work.


Voice has become the main channel

Speech is brought to the heart of Pohjantähti’s modern omni-channel customer service. It is the key channel because it enables users to understand and communicate emotions and solve complex service issues more efficiently. Voice channel has become a seamless part of the Salesforce Service Cloud omni-channel solution. This has made all service channels available in a single environment, based on the same customer data and unified workflow. The result is an unbroken customer journey, and easier and more effective customer workflow for Pohjantähti.



Entire customer service work environment in a single browser interface

Run from a single cloud, this solution efficiently enables a distributed working model and remote work. All service channels, task management and customer data are accessed via one browser interface. Work can be done efficiently and intuitively – and even on a mobile basis – regardless of time, place and device.


Usability and user experience impact  customer experience

Modern and efficient work, even when done remotely, has increased employee engagement and motivation to a new level. Customer service staff has been able to focus on handling cases and serving people, with higher motivation having a positive effect on the customer experience.


Transparent and real-time leadership

Leadership has become transparent and real-time. Response to changes is immediate and decisions are based on a real picture of the situation. Operational management is performed on the basis of actual activities, in a measurable and goal-oriented manner. Resourcing and prioritisation are based on correct information, and less and less on estimates.

Why voice is important as a channel

Voice has always been important, playing a key role in person-to-person interaction. Our mutual trust is based on communication and dialogue. We convey emotions through voice. We can sense when someone genuinely cares and wants to help. We can even ‘hear’ a smile.

Customer encounters are more intimate and warm when you can hear the other person’s voice and have the relevant customer data available. Customer retention and opportunities for additional sales improve. Benemen has partnered with Salesforce to bring voice to the heart of omni-channel customer service. Voice, customer data and reporting provide a genuinely 360 view of the customer.

“The transformation into a modern customer service environment with the help of Benemen and Salesforce has been a huge step towards our strategic goal of standing out as a human-size insurance company. In addition, we have been able to create joint, goal-driven operative model and achieved major business benefits through the co-operation. Our staff is highly committed to our new normal. Best of all, our customers can reach us in seconds.”

Riitta Yliviikari Business Director / Pohjantähti

Riitta Yliviikari

Benemen + Salesforce

Benemen and Salesforce have joined forces to produce omni-channel customer service and sales solutions for corporates and enterprises. Benemen embeds voice seamlessly into Salesforce UI, data model and workflow, creating exceptional effectiveness through automation of workflows and combining customer data with voice.

The key business impact includes increased sales across all customer touch points, improved customer satisfaction, and greater operative efficiency. A warm and seamless customer encounter independent of channel, time and place results in an exceptional customer experience, which is a strategic issue for pioneering companies.
Benemen is Salesforce’s strategic voice partner globally.

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