Salesforce Omni-Channel

New generation of customer experiences

Salesforce Omni-Channel with voice

Benemen voice channel provides the final piece in the Salesforce Service Cloud jigsaw: Voice and its routing. Service Cloud with complete Omni-Channel capabilities.

Salesforce Service Cloud #1 service platform for customer service

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms and its Service Cloud service platform is trusted all around the world in customer service environments of different sizes. Service Cloud is the heart of omni-channel customer service and now even more versatile when Benemen brings native voice channel as a seamless part of the Service Cloud channel selection.

With a native voice channel, you can deliver a high-quality service experience.

Ability to create successful customer experiences in each interaction increases customer loyalty

With an unified omni-channel solution, customer service agents have the ability to keep up to date of a customer's situation and see past digital encounters in a single view.

The work of customer service agents becomes easier when making and receiving calls can be done from a workstation where also the other channels are shown.

Customer experience is always based on successful interactions

Customer experience – and in practice how quickly and easily each issue can be resolved – directly influences purchasing decisions. The experience should be the same regardless of the service channel.

Voice is still the most important communication channel and therefore its importance among service channels is critical.

Also, the service provided over the phone must be of high quality and efficient. When customers feel they have received first-class service across multiple channels and their previous encounters are well-known, there is an excellent opportunity to sell more services.

Voice Channel

Critical service channel to each organization. "When customers are distressed, they pick up the phone."

Omni-Channel Customer Service

Bring all channels under one solution and let the customer choose their preferred contact channel.

Customer Experience

Ensure successful customer interactions and customer understanding. Data of all interactions is available for future follow-up.

Omni-Channel customer service - Key to successful customer experiences

Omni-channel customer service enables customer to choose their preferred channel to communicate.

Salesforce Omni-Channel brings all customer information in one place

Omni-Channel customer service enables multiple channels to contact. The solution is unified and manageable from one place.

Benemen brings to Salesforce Omni-Channel following features: 

  • Call routing
  • Call queue management
  • Operator infrastructure as cloud service for both mobile and fixed network.

The functionality covers open CTI integration, Omni-Channel tools, call-back features, call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predefined workflows and reporting.

Effective management

In modern business management, it is important that all information related to customers’ purchasing decisions is in one place and this information can be utilized to guide operations in real time.

A large part of customer service is still done over the phone. This means also call data must be collected as customer information and if necessary, call content and/or sentiment. Benemen is the only Nordic Salesforce partner providing ability  to collect and analyze data also from calls.

Voice Channel in the core of Salesforce Omni-Channel

Voice channel enables omni-channel customer service without compromises.

In practice, native Salesforce voice channel helps companies to face customers over the phone in an efficient and personal manner. Even before a call is answered, the customer service representative can see comprehensive information of the customer and their previous interactions, and at best also get guidance on how to solve the situation and how to do add-on sales in a pleasant manner.

The next step is to analyze call content using artificial intelligence. This enables possibilities to create even better customer experiences in the future. Bearing this in mind, companies should collect call data in the same way as other customer information.

Let us introduce Salesforce Omni-Channel with voice to you. In just half an hour, you will see how native Salesforce voice channel can take the customer experience to a whole new level.

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