Use Microsoft Teams
as a phone system

Improve reachability and boost productivity by combining Microsoft Teams with BeneVoice



#1 Partner for voice in Microsoft Teams

Improve reachability

Route calls intelligently to the right endpoint

Boost productivity

Use your mobile, Teams client or hardphone. Whatever is the most suitable, all with your ONE number

Increase cost efficiency

Optimized call routing – lower call rates.

Trusted by companies big and small

Boost productivity and lower TCO 

No-more silos - unified platform combining your mobile, PSTN and unified communication areas. Call routing optimized for lower call rates and Teams call included in Benemen mobile packages.




Improved customer experience

Intelligent routing and integrated Call Center functionality ensures the right persons answer the right calls. Improved call handling, shorter queue times, and improved first call resolution.




Unified reachability across the organization

Unifies Microsoft Teams with mobile and company-wide communication. You can now rely on presence for call routing and call allocation – use the terminal of your preference – whichever fits your “role” or “situation” best.




Scale to your needs

A true communication as a service solution (CaaS). Cloud based services, on demand – can scale up or down with business requirements. Can cross multiple countries – no need for separate on-premise installations.



Main features of BeneVoice for Teams

Customer Service

Advanced customer service features 


Switchboard tools & PBX functionality 

Mobile Telephony

Mobile telephony 


IVR & notifications 

Rerouting copy

Intelligent call routing 


Call recording 


Call backs 

Advanced CRM

ONE number

Voice First

Voice is a critical channel in any organization. "When customers are distressed, they pick up the phone."

Unified voice platform

Combine all you voice needs into one solution and improve your productivity

Customer Experience

Successful customer interactions ensure customer delight. Data of all interactions is available for future follow-up.

Truly a cloud based solution and
#1 Voice Solution for Microsoft Teams

Benemen complements Microsoft Teams Voice with Direct Routing as a Service. - Certified integration and calling capacity on demand powered by the BeneCloud platform. BeneCloud is equipped with modern voice & operator services. Implementation doesn’t require any local components in customer network and locations. This solution combines all your needs for a unified communication platform including Microsoft Teams and mobile and fixed line telephony

Voice is the oldest and the most human way of communicating with customers. For all our chatbots, text, and social channels, when things matter people pick up the phone. When they do, they can hear a smile, sense empathy, and the other myriad things human emotions voice can convey.

At Benemen we spend all our time thinking about, developing, and improving the delivery of voice channel products based on real business use cases and feedback. The result? The most innovative, holistic, and technically advanced voice products on the market today.

We want to continue extending the capabilities of voice — to influence sales, strengthen CX, and grow revenue, and we want you to be a part of it. Start by signing up for a free demo.


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