Sales management tools

Get total visibility into call sentiment, past interactions, predictive purchasing decisions and base your decisions on real-time customer data.



Let’s make selling easier

Know when to sell, when to nurture and which actions will lead you there – at the exact right time. Our intelligent solutions with their advanced data tracking functionalities help understand which leads are hot, identify account risks and preempt churn before it happens.


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Total visibility into call sentiment & customer data

Lead qualification properties

Identifying account risks and preempting churn

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Better sales through our out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce

Gather data from calls to influence behaviors and predict the next steps. Boost the usage of Salesforce, deliver personalization and create new possibilities for upsell.




Efficient tools for handling inbound contacts

Get prompt access to all customer-related information and find the right tools for analysing all communication events and behavior inside your organization.


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Improve efficiency with call automation

Article: How Automation Really Impacts Outbound Sales (With Use Cases)


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Ready to enhance sales with intelligent voice technologies?

Let’s get together for a 30-minute demo and talk about the possibilities of voice solutions and how they can boost your sales & marketing practices.