Company-wide Communications

Enable meaningful interactions

Meaningful interactions create better results

Efficient communication is a prerequisite for companies who aim to become the best of the breed in ever tightening competition. Modern company-wide communication solutions ensure meaningful and smooth ways to interact both internally and externally, regardless of the device. In addition, all communication data becomes available enabling data driven decision making.

Customer centricity

Exceptional customer insight enabling superior customer experience in every interaction.

Operational excellence

Orchestrating all internal and external voice communication company-wide through one platform.


Transformative communication

Modern tools for human-centric communication boosting agility and innovation.

Building success through efficient company-wide communication

  • How to ensure flexible capacity in communication infrastructure depending on changing business situations?
  • How to enrich customer data with communication related data?
  • How to operate, maintain and develop communication infrastructure as a service from cloud?
  • How to orchestrate availability and communication efficiently company-wide through one environment?

  • How to boost agility and growth-oriented culture through modern communication tools?
  • How to ensure an effortless way to interact regardless of time, place and channel company-wide?
  • How to ensure high availability, flexibility and mobility enabling desired customer experience?
  • How to get all communication related data to develop workflows and increase intelligence in operations?
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Creating value for the company with modern communication

The most impactful communication usually happens in natural interactions between people, where voice plays an essential role. Those companies which take company-wide communication seriously by offering their people modern tools for effortless ways to interact regardless of time, place and channel, have clear advantage in constantly changing business environment.

Every interaction between customer and company becomes visible, recorded and analyzed enabling proactiveness and higher quality operations in all customer communications.

The total cost of ownership related to owning, operating and developing communication infrastructure is significantly lower when it comes as a service from cloud.

Success story: Intelligent Customer Service Solution

Insurance company LähiTapiola Metropolitan Area achieved measurable results with build-in intelligence in the customer service solution.

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