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Advanced technology enabling company-wide transformative communication

Advanced technology enables company-wide transformative communication

Today IT departments have a key role in enabling organizations to perform in the best possible way in the rapidly changing business environment. In order to succeed, organizations need to offer tools for an agile and innovative way of working for everyone - company wide. No compromises can be made with the quality or security of services. Find out more about how voice cloud can help out in enabling next generation business communications.


Improved customer experience and efficiency

Well performing omni-channel customer service has 360 view to customers. Additionally, up-to-date customer information is in the center of all the operations and available to be utilized by the contact center professionals in each customer interaction.




Building success through efficient company-wide communication

How to ensure flexible capacity in communication infrastructure depending on changing business situations?

How to enrich customer data with communication related data?




Voice Services with any device and anywhere

As a registered telecom operator in multiple countries Benemen provides fixed line and mobile voice services with basic services like making and receiving calls and converging fixed and mobile services. In addition Benemen enables advanced services such as call center services, when there is a need to handle large amounts of inbound calls. Benemen also provides calling capabilities to Office 365 (Teams for Business).



Importance of future-proof platform

Companies are paying attention more than ever to their ability to collect data – even for the future purposes. The key success factor for the future is to select a partner with the ability to collect all communication related data and is agile in utilising new 5G technologies like eSIM, VoLTE and location-based services as they evolve.

Our professional and unified communication solutions create value for

Operative Efficiency

Predictable, up-to-date and scalable.

Cost Efficiency

Improving efficiency and lowering total cost of ownership.

Transformative Communications

Making the communications flexible and company-wide.


Working on all devices, anytime, anywhere

The cloud-based communication platform enables companies to intelligently manage their internal communication needs and improve customer experience and contact center effectiveness.

The full telecom infrastructure through one cloud interface lowers maintenance costs and is available for all devices, all users and all calls both domestic and international.