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Human customer service creates better customer experience

Customer service is in the front line in receiving contacts about customers' concerns and worries, hopes and expectations. The service channel that is chosen needs to be trustworthy, human and easy to approach. Even in the era of bots voice has held its position as the premium service channel in urgent situations. This places customer service in a key position when you want to increase sales, or develop products or services. 

Better Customer Experience

Enabling superior customer experience through knowledge of customers.

Higher Up-sales 

Offering true value for the customers at the right moment.

Operational Efficiency

Always enough agents at work enabling faster time to resolution.

Creating measureable value

  • How to improve customer experience with professional customer service?
  • How to create opportunities for up-sales with customer service?
  • How to improve operative efficiency in customer service?
  • How to improve customer satisfaction with well-managed customer experience?

  • How to enable higher customer retention and lower the customer churn?
  • How to enhance upselling and cross-selling?
  • How to improve customer service operative efficiency with better reporting tools?
  • How embedded voice as a channel enables better customer service?
  • How to make real-time customer data visible and enable better customer experiences?
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Animated office environment

Easy communication with desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones

Customer service excellence with a high first call resolution (FCR) can be obtained by directing calls to the correct place by intelligent routing based on customer information and according to the skill and knowledge of the employees.

Modern intuitive means to work with in customer service improve employee engagement when everybody can focus on what matters.

In addition, reporting contributes to operational planning. Predictive analytics makes work management easier and optimizing the workflows improves efficiency in the customer service.

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Download the Future of Customer Service Report

Our report brings together research and experience-based insights of the future of customer service and expectations for it. With this report, we want to give you some tips, ideas and guidelines to feel inspired when re-thinking the customer service processes and tools.

In the report:

1. Customer service mega trends and latest research from the top research companies

2. Customer service's ability to drive highly valued and timely add-on sales

3. Emotional intelligence and other top future knowledge in customer service

4. Traditional customer service versus artificial intelligence. Will customer service representatives face totally new type of jobs and tasks?


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