About Cloud Voice

The cloud voice capabilities of Microsoft 365 intelligent communications helps change the way people work together at every level of the organization—enabling everyone to be more productive and connected than ever before. Benemen delivers Direct Routing to enable calling through Teams as well as Cloud Connector Edition to enable calling through Skype for Business Online.

The base for calling (telephony) is the Microsoft Phone System which is a fully integrated, software-based PBX in Microsoft Teams. It allows you to have enterprise phone features for all Office 365 users in your organization and manage their telephony completely in the cloud.

From Skype for Business to Teams

The Microsoft Phone System add on to Office 365 enables PSTN calling capabilities to Skype for Business Online and Teams. For some time now Benemen has been one of the certified providers who through the so called Cloud Connector edition was able to provide calling plans for Skype for Business. As Teams will more and more take over the role as communications hub in Office 365, Benemen is now adding PSTN calling capabilities to Teams through Direct Routing.

About Benemen

Benemen is a leading innovator in enterprise communications management. Benemen has several years of experience in providing Skype for Business and PSTN calling services to their customers in multiple countries.

Benemen consultants have extensive experience with enterprise voice, PBX technology and consulting customers to obtain the best operator arrangements or calling packages. Benemen can help customers on their journeys from traditional legacy based telephony systems to the cloud.

Adding PSTN calling to Microsoft Office 365 to replace traditional PBX allowing organisations to gain competitive advantage with superior communications and improved customer experience with the option of significant cost savings.

The Benefits

Benemen helps customers to do more with their Office 365 and Teams or Skype for Business Online environments through hassle-free connectivity to the PSTN in 190 countries and value added PBX and Contact Center functionality. Benemen helps customers to migrate to the cloud, supporting multiple operators without the need for multiple agreements and connectivity per country.

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