MS Cloud PBX by Benemen

Connect Office 365 and Skype Online services to the public telephone network.

Benemen helps companies connect their Office 365 and Skype Online services to the public telephone network

Benemen helps companies connect Office 365 and Skype Online services to the public telephone network (PSTN, Public Switched Telephone Network) in over 120 countries while providing Cloud PBX and Contact Center features as value-added services. The unified cloud service enables multinational companies to operate simply and cost-efficiently in a multi-operator environment without separate country-specific operator agreements. As a result, companies have more resources and energy to develop their core business and take better care of their customer relationships.

Microsoft has approved Benemen as an official Skype Operations Framework partner

From now on, companies will be able to seamlessly integrate their voice services with Microsoft’s Skype for Business solution.  This will facilitate the construction of a versatile and comprehensive communications platform to meet the company’s needs. Call management and exchange operations will be transferred into Microsoft’s cloud, which allows the user to make, receive and manage voice calls in the familiar Skype for Business environment.



The Skype Operations Framework concept

Skype Operations Framework is a concept that integrates communications services with the Skype for Business service. In accordance with a life-cycle approach, the concept covers design, delivery, implementation and service maintenance, not forgetting alternative migration paths. It is a comprehensive approach to successful communications service implementation in connection with Office 365 and Skype for Business services. Read more about Skype Operations Framework

About Benemen

Benemen is a leading provider in communication services that improve customer business processes. Benemen was established in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland and since then we have been developing our own cloud based communication platform, driven by customer needs. Our key driver is to be able to provide significant customer value. That means, not only the best technical solution, but also the way we operate with our customers.

Benemen has currently country offices and operations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom. Mobile Telephony is currently available in Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

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