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Communication has always been in the heart of all business making. Yet so few companies take advantage of the precious pieces of data that is generated whenever we communicate. 

“What didn’t the report tell me?”.

How much can you see from your rear view mirror?

What do your reports tell you? At best, they give you a comprehensive picture of what has happened, where it happened and how often. However, to develop the business and to take the next step, you should consider the question “What didn’t the report tell me?”.

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What is behind the next corner?

You can’t see your destination by looking at the rear view mirror. Unless you are reversing. The company’s vision describes the destination and the strategy draws the road map of how to get there. What kind of information and data should you use to know what to do tomorrow or next year in order to keep your wheels on the road?

How to get there?

To reach your destination, you will need to have a relevant information of the history, the current situation and the road ahead. These steps give you a more clear view of what has happened, more accurate insight of what is happening around you right now, and a more complete vision of the road ahead.

Even the best Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions cannot help if you don’t have enough accurate and up-to date data. Communication data can give you a clear vision of what is happening right now, enrich your reporting of the past and reveal patterns that shed light to the future.

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Writer Mikko Muurinen is the Chief Analytics Officer of Benemen Oy and Business Intelligence enthusiast based in Helsinki, Finland

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Communications Business Intelligence

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