We got almost 200 million-year-old gift from our new customer Nordkalk in Poland


We love our job! Even a telecommunication audit can be exiting. Here are some photos from our visit in Nordkalk mine in Sławno, south form Warsaw. Do we work in rubber boots and helmets on? Why not!  

The most exciting thing was that during our meeting there was a ongoing mining project and we received an amazing gift from the excavations.

The gift was a snailshell which is approximately 200 million years old (!) It’s so called ammonite.

What is ammonite? Let us go on a short time journey! The era when the ammonites existed is The Late Jurassic (161-146 million years ago). The land allocation on the Earth looked very different than now. The future European continent consisted back then only of a few islands sticking out of the deep blue sea. Huge reptiles ruled the water along with other uncanny creatures, namely ammonites. Because of their fossil shells took the form of planispirals, some Geologists mistaked them with snails. It’s is pretty much the same as if we would mistake the game of football with the game of cricket… 


Ammonites reached a size ranging from 23 -53 cm even all the way to 2 meters in the diameter. You can learn more about ammonites from a Wikipedia article


If you would like to see our Ammonite in live we invite you to visit our office in Warsaw!

Great summer for all!

With sunny regards,

Joanna Pytlakowska

Benemen Poland