Transforming Business With Enterprise Wide International Cloud Communications Platform


Benemen hosted a breakfast seminar on 25th of November for companies operating internationally. Ville Purontaus shares the report of themes covered in the seminar.

Internationally operating companies

Benemen hosted a breakfast seminar on 25th of November in Helsinki. The theme of the seminar was the challenges that companies operating internationally are facing with international communications environments.

Valuable lessons were learned for companies struggling with challenges that international environments cause including issues around roaming-charges, software silos caused by local solutions, scattered reporting and messy billing without correct cost centers.

Clear vision and business goals for each ICT project

Tero Hurmalainen a consultant from Evore Oy gave the first talk of the seminar and shared the perspective of an ICT consultant. Evore specializes in helping companies with their ICT solutions, purchasing processes and ICT-optimization.

Tero pointed out how important it is to have a clear vision and business goals for each ICT project. The commitment to the projects and the outcomes should include everyone all the way from the senior management. Only this way can true benefits can be achieved.

International communication challenges

Jouni Purontaus the CEO of Benemen Oy presented the Benemen view of the international communications challenges and how Benemen is tackling them. Benemen’s BeneCloud is a cloud based integrated communications platform that enables a unified company wide solution including in international environments.

Skype for Business a seamless part of BeneCloud

BeneCloud unifies the necessary local solution components such as call center software, local mobile phone subscriptions, fixed line numbers, dial-in numbers and correct cost center for billing. Skype for Business is seamlessly integrated in the total solution and can also be used as a phone for international calls and conferences.  This not only lowers the cost of calling and roaming charges but brings whole new effectiveness to the daily work.

Jouni highlighted in particular how important it is that all the communications data especially on an international level can be reported and analyzed from one centralized data warehouse.

“Do not only follow what reports are showing you, use the reporting data to prime and predict future efforts”

Mikko Muurinen the Chief Analytics Officer of Benemen dug deeper in to the world of analytics. Mikko is a specialist in building easy-to-analyze reporting and analytics solutions from the communications data that is going in and out of BeneCloud. This data when used effectively can enable massive improvements for your operations and efficiency.

“Do not only follow what reports are showing you, use the reporting data to prime and predict future efforts”, was one of the Mikko’s messages.

Case Study by Halton Group

A case study of a company operating internationally was presented by Aki Saxen, the CIO of Halton Group

Halton Group specializes in indoor climate and environmental products, services and solutions. Halton is also internationally one of the most recognized indoor climate solution providers for marine and offshore applications. Halton Group has operations in 30 countries worldwide.

Goals for international communication environment

The aim was to make it is easy to contact Halton due to a well implemented and functioning communication system. Well-organized contact and availability information brings value to customers and employees. They had big challenges with communications systems that were administered locally and siloed local phone systems.

Benemen answered Halton’s need by unifying the local solutions and integrating Skype for Business with the phone system.  Now every Halton employee is in the same directory. They can also find each other’s contact information easily on a smartphone app which includes always up-to-date employee directory with people’s availability information.

Aki pointed out how extremely important it is to plan and set the goals well when implementing a companywide ICT project. The business perspective needs to be strong otherwise the business benefits of the project may remain on a lower level.


We would like to thank all the speakers and attendees! In summary it is possible to take international environments under control and ease out the solution management.

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Best regards,

Ville Purontaus

Ville is the Marketing Manager at Benemen Oy based in Helsinki, Finland.