Taxi Helsinki, in cooperation with Benemen, strengthens its competitive position in the market


The cooperation between Taxi Helsinki and Benemen will make ordering taxis faster so customers get better service. Benemen's intelligent communication technology enables totally new services for customers when ordering a taxi cab. For example, identifying regular customers from their phone number and even services outside Finnish borders.

"The phone is still the most common channel when ordering a taxi and now we have completely new possibilities for offering taxi services," says Jari Kantonen, CEO of Taksi Helsinki Oy.

Regular customers are identified by phone number and a call center agent automatically receives the customer information on the screen. The system knows the pick-up address and any special needs, such as the requirement for a larger car or even their favorite driver.

Taxis can be ordered with the same number regardless of city

The Taxi law will change in July 2018 and allow competition which will attract new entrepreneurs to the industry. In addition to the quality of the service, its versatility will be highlighted more. “Together with Benemen, Taxi Helsinki is able to meet this opportunity and create new types of services for taxi users. These services will be available around Finland and even beyond its borders in the future”, says Kantonen.


A different number is used to call a taxi in each city, which makes ordering  difficult for those who travel a lot. One goal for the cooperation is the abilityto get taxi services with the same number, no matter where you are in Finland. “This will be done with selected local partners. Negotiations are progressing rapidly in the various regions and coverage is expanding all the time”, says Kantonen.

In the future, one call for all your travel arrangements

Taxi Helsinki is excited about the cooperation that has just begun. “We surveyed widely available communication technologies on the market and Benemen's solution was clearly the most versatile. The decision to start a partnership with Benemen was easy”, Kantonen says with satisfaction.

The vision for the future is to develop a service where all rides can be booked with a single call: taxi cab to train station, train tickets with reserved seats, taxi waiting at the destination or metro ticket already paid, and so on.

People in Benemen are also very enthusiastic about the start of this co-operation. “We have already begun developing new joint service products. It's great to be involved in the future development of Finnish taxi culture. The challenge has been accepted”, says Jarmo Purontaus, CEO of Benemen Finland Oy.

Taksi Helsinki Oy as a company

Taksi Helsinki Oy is the largest taxi operator in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Finland with 1340 taxi cabs. Customer-oriented development, quality control and the development of new service products are the factors Taksi Helsinki adopt to ensure customer satisfaction now and in the future. The ease of ordering taxis, combined with reliability and versatile ordering methods are key factors in Taxi Helsinki's customer service concept.