Social Media Platforms, an essential part of every Company’s Unified Communications Solution?



Social media has shown its power in being an extremely effective channel to interact, engage in conversations and raise awareness of different kinds of topics no matter the situation, time, place or device.

For businesses it enables a cost effective way to interact, market its messages and raise awareness of its values, services and products to different audiences. In the best scenario it works in both interactions with existing customers whilst at the same time attracting new people towards your business.

In most cases companies have observed the power of social media but have not connected it in any way to other company communications. Social media is a separate island.

Some may ask whether it really matters if it is a separate island. We think, strongly, that it matters. Effective social media management enables well-functioning multi-channel service and communications to customers in all channels. True quality can only be delivered if all channels of communications and interaction are equal and centrally managed. 

Here are the main reasons why SoMe (Social Media) integration really matters

#1 A company lacking a social media presence cannot offer a true multi-channel based service experience.

#2 Today, serving customers in a hyperactive multi-channel environment is not easy. Traditional service channels (voice, email) are not enough to satisfy the needs of customers that want answers instantly using web chat or social media channels.

#3 Social media is a vital  way to engage your audience, even when they’re not ready to buy, because you can’t just depend on your cold calling, email campaigns and website promotion to drive conversions anymore.

#4 Social media actions should be reported as one layer in a companys unified reporting and should be available and analyzed as easy as all the other crucial reporting data from other channels.

#5 Companies that can listen to and understand their audience through social media are able to create highly relevant content and master engagement with their audience in all channels.


Social Media is capable  of uplifting the reputation of your brand, but you must take care as, in the worst possible scenario, it is also capable of destroying it. This is extreme, but without taking the power of social media seriously the threat is real.

All in all, well-functioning companies need to be available in Social Media channels for customer interaction and raising awareness. Social Media platforms should be a seamless part of the company communications solution to get the best results out of them.


If you want to hear more how Benemen seamlessly unifies Social media platforms to communications solution contact us for a demo or an informal chat. We are also available for you in our social media channels.

Writer Ville Purontaus works as Marketing Manager in Benemen Oy and is responsible for Benemen’s social media management products