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Skype for Business is here - what has changed for organizations already using Lync?


Relax! Nothing major has happened to the software when comparing it to Microsoft Lync. The biggest changes are visual ones in the user interface. The user interface has taken the look and feel from the familiar Skype software and why not, Skype is used internationally by hundreds of millions of people and every fifth call made in the whole world is made by Skype (source Microsoft). So employees are most likely familiar with the new Skype for Business user interface as it follows the best practices already seen in the original Skype. The interface offers a clear view of connections and is designed so that it requires less clicks compared to the Lync interface when persecuting certain actions.

Microsoft Lync user interface vs. Skype for Business user interface.

Why organizations should update to Skype for Business

Skype for business is now fully connecting the two worlds. The regular Skype used by hundreds of millions of people and now the secure business version that enables even broader networks and easy communications between all Skype users and organizations worldwide. The user interface is familiar from the regular Skype and eases the introduction to organization’s employees.

Conferencing services and communicating is as easy as it is with Lync so there are no gimmicks.

Why organizations should use value added services in their Skype for Business solution?

Benemen offers the Skype for Business solution fully integrated with the company's communication solution. With the Benemen's communication platform Skype for Business, Contact Center and mobile are one single entity in which employees' presence is updated from all devices. This way it is ensured that Skype for Business won't be a separated island. All calls can be made either by Skype or by mobile phone using the same number. Also answering all calls is as simple as that.

Unified availability. Always know the real presence of other employees. Mobilephone and Skype presence from one view.

Business Intelligence also including Skype for Business usage

In the Benemen solution, communication analytics is included for all communications including all Skype for Business usage. Its is easy to follow for example how the amount of online conferences is developing compared to regular face-to face meetings.  This makes following and analyzing the big picture of the communication flows easier, and proves if the new communications strategy is working as planned.

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