New version of BeneApp has been published


Benemen has published a new version of its BeneApp smartphone application for Android.

The new version enables even better, user friendly services which enhance and simplify flow of information in the working community, for example in customer service work.

iOS version for iPhones is scheduled during Fall 2018.

Availability  information in real time

With BeneApp you can share availability information with other employees in real time. This simplifies interaction within the company through using the smartphone app to update whether available, busy or out of office.

Skype for Business can be set to update status instantly to match availability set in BeneApp.

BeneApp also enables you to see co-workers’ availability status from one directory view. The application also shows when employees are speaking on the phone.

Useful directory

BeneApp enables a convenient view of the company directory. As well as the contact information of other employees the real-time availability information of everyone is shown. The contact information of company service pools can also be seen in the same view as employees contact information.

Personal call history

It’s not always possible to answer the phone. If this happens, you can view the missed call and send an SMS message in no time directly from the BeneApp call history view.

Direct Access to BeneDesk applications WebView

From BeneApp you can move directly to your personal view of BeneDesk software where you can manage your more advanced settings of Benemen services.

Additional services

The range of services in BeneApp can be expanded with many additional ones. These services are available with additional product based licenses. With additional features users can join different service pools and follow the statuses of the service pools. It is possible to classify service pool calls. Important calls can be recorded and recordings can easily be downloaded from the application to the smartphone.

When moving from BeneApp application to BeneDesk WebView call management and BeneCC Contact Center features can be brought into use. The history of service calls can also be viewed.

How you can start using BeneApp?

If you are a Benemen customer and have personal BeneDesk user credentials use those to sign in to BeneApp smartphone application. If you are a customer but you don’t have the credentials please contact Benemen sales or customer service.

When you have your personal BeneDesk credentials in use download the app from Google Play store. Search for the app with search term “BeneApp”

When you have downloaded the applications insert your personal credentials in the sign in window. You are ready to explore the easy and smart way to manage everyday communications!


See more at Google Play Store!