Invisible buyers


I don’t know any CEO who wouldn’t act when they see well-heeled customers queuing behind the showroom door and obviously ready to buy. You can easily spot them at the front door from the office in the corner. “Hey! There are people in the line and some are leaving as being served is taking too long”. When seeing this everyone rushes to the front line to work as customer service representatives and ensure these valuable customers are satisfied.

But what about when these customers cannot be seen? They are invisible, and it’s nice and cozy in the corner room. One could smugly say, “Our service is working amazingly well and actually there haven’t been that many returns through the mail lately.”


Analyzing and measuring customer interactions

Benemen has a lot of valuable experience in analyzing and measuring customer interactions. From our overall experience I can tell that very few companies succeed well or even to an acceptable level with overall customer experience.

The reason for this is that buyers today are often invisible, unless you make them visible.

What does this mean? An example is that with the technology currently used in the company there is no way to perceive the big picture about how customers are contacting the company:

  • How many calls made directly to staff are left unanswered or not called back?
  • How many of our customers who contacted us by e-mail didn’t receive an answer at all or after a week?
  • Why is there live chat in the home page and nobody there to answer?
  • In social media untruths are spread about the company but no one is there to interact and correct these misconceptions.


Intelligent call routing. Example case study

Here’s a short example case study of a customer of Benemen. The business of this company is expanding heavily and the call load from customers and stakeholders had grown to uncontrollable levels.

The staff were under a lot of pressure and help was needed. The Benemen consultants paid a visit to analyze the overall picture and the problem was speedily detected. The existing phone system could not handle the demanding and versatile call routing challenges. A maximum of 8 calls could be received in the one service pool at a time. When the call was not answered quickly enough new calls were made. On the other hand, callbacks were made to the same place more than once or not at all.

To solve the challenges BeneCloud service was introduced to the customer. BeneCloud includes intelligent routing and the service was taught the rules about how the calls should be routed in any given situation.


“On the commissioning the day the staff were overcome with confusion. The call peaks and rush had disappeared!”


Routing parameters were set including things like customer responsibilities, multilingual skills, who is in shift, people availability etc. On the commissioning the day confusion overcame the staff. The peaks and rush had disappeared.

Intelligent call routing had taken the rush away

Inevitably doubts emerged about whether calls were being lost. The information was readily available. When monitoring and reporting were analyzed after the first day it revealed that there were about the same amount of calls as before (they did know the incoming call volumes from the previous system). The overall conclusion? Intelligent call routing had taken the rush away.

The amount of work actually decreased when compared with previously. Tasks are now completed at once and unnecessary hassle has been taken away by the intelligence in the system.

Today there are very comprehensive ways to make your invisible customers visible and this way increase the number of satisfied customer who spend more.

The company management must have the desire to put things right. Why increase, for example, the marketing budget, if it’s not possible to serve already willing buyers with the highest quality?

By the way it is good idea to remember in the corner room that returns don’t often come by mail. It’s all digital.



Jouni Purontaus, CEO of Benemen Oy


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