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How to improve service? The classic challenge

All too frequently we see articles and social media posts that tell us about poor and unprofessional customer experience. Either the end-customer has been forced to wait hours or days to get a response to his/her important request, or in the worst cases the customer service agent has forgotten the whole issue.

Often it can take 5-15 minutes before the customer's phone call is even answered, just because the customer service agent doesn’t recognize the caller or he/she doesn’t have any idea of the ongoing issue. Furthermore, in case of call-backs, too often the end-customer have to wait too long or in worst case the customer service has missed the call-back request.

The same with emails. Based on discussions with many companies, way too often emails are lost or are responded to late which has led to a situation where the customer has decided to choose another service provider.

Prevent customer churn

One of the most important thing for all businesses is to prevent customer churn. Dissatisfied customers might leave you for many reasons; high pricing, service quality, lack of features etc.

However, one of the most common reason for customer churn is a bad customer service experience. Even though you’ve finally managed to solve your customer request or problem no matter whether big or small, you might have been too late. The delay in a service process has caused irreparable damage and you’ve lost your customer. Hopefully it was none of the biggest ones or VIP customers.

Utilizing existing customer data better

What if you could improve your customer service process by using your existing customer data whether the end-customer is calling, emailing or chatting with your customer service agents? How much would this improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce?

How much faster would you expect the customer to get service if all contacts are routed to the right agent or service groups based on enriched customer information which comes from CRM, or from other sources like BI (Business intelligence) data systems?

What would be the revenue impact if your potential new customer reach your sales person immediately without frustrating IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menus or worthless contact transfers from one agent to another?

And finally, how much would you be able to decrease your customer churn if all your customers are satisfied as they have fast and high-quality service when needed?

Intelligent contact routing

Benemen has developed a service called Intelligent Contact Routing which enables our customers to improve their own customer service massively. All the necessary service components are included in BeneCloud and together with various integration possibilities, our customer can build a service entity which brings many benefits to their own customer service process. Even if the customer wants to keep their existing Call or Contact Center environments then BeneCloud is implemented in front of the existing environment just to handle the intelligent contact routing.

Intelligent contact routing explained.


In case your company is struggling with frustrated customers experiencing similar issues to those mentioned above, please feel free to contact Benemen and bring your customer service to the next level.



Marko Jokela, Sales Director of Benemen Oy


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