Increased Sales By Integrating Communications with CRM


The integration of Benemens unified communication platform with Salesforce CRM has enabled this operator of hair dressing salons to optimise customer experience and increase sales.

Jean Louis David Salon

When Provalliance were looking for a new communications platform for more then 50 hair salons their priorities included finding a system that would operate independently of location and could be integrated with their existing customer relationship management system.

Salesforce CRM

Benemen partner, Comtrust, implemented a cloud-based communications solution which is delivered from the Benemen platform and is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce CRM. The system provides Provalliance with contact center functionality for handling contacts on their hotline and PBX and IP telephony functionality for individual contacts between salons and their customers. All users - call center agents and hairdressers - are connected to one centrally managed system regardless of their geographical location. Additionally, the system for call center agents is integrated with Skype for Business.

This means that, for example, booking details taken by the contact center are transmitted to the hairdresser who confirms with the client personally. The system is configured to take care of all the special requirements of the workplace so that hairdressers can respond wherever they are in the salon without worrying about background noise. 

As Tomasz Bączyk, CEO of Provalliance Poland Sp. Z o.o. says, 

This new way of working really meets all of our expectations. We have increased the efficiency and the productivity of our communication process and by doing so reduced our costs. Especially useful in our daily operations are the reporting of waiting time, central call registration and listening of call recordings easily from Salesforce. However, our greatest win is that we have been able to improve our customer experience, which is reflected in a considerable increase of the amount of visits booked”.

You can read a full case study at this link.

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