How the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs


Last Week I attended a Google for Work event, 'Reimagining fast growth'. Google were presenting research commissioned from Deloitte on how the cloud enables rapid growth in SMBs (small and medium sized businesses).

The research identified 3 critical challenges to sustainable growth: access to capital and skills as a start up; scalability and management control as the business grows rapidly; optimisation and innovation as it becomes mature.

Speakers from Google and Deloitte spoke about the research and the 4 big trends in business, social, mobile, analytics and cloud. These really are changing the way we work. Other speakers with real life experience of starting and growing businesses brought the ideas to life with their stories.

Not surprisingly the research found that the fastest growing small businesses make extensive use of cloud technologies, but there were some pretty eye catching numbers as the following image from the report shows.

Impact of Cloud on SMBs

SMBs using cloud technology to overcome their growth challenges grow 26% faster and deliver 21% higher gross profits. 85% of those surveyed believe cloud enables their business to scale and grow faster.

The research concludes that you should optimise your technology and business practices for the digital world, moving tools and applications that are not core to your proposition to the cloud. This frees up your time, capital and resources while setting a platform for sustainable rapid growth.

One other fact that came out was that 53% of people use devices of their own for work. This is one of the many challenges that we at Benemen help solve with our communications cloud services.

If you would like a copy of the report or a conversation about how an integrated communications solution can solve many of your problems then contact me, Dave Clarke, via this link and I'll be in touch.