How Do You Make Your Customer Feel?


Ville Purontaus shares the lessons for improving customer experience from the Benemen event held on Customer Celebration Day held this month in Helsinki.

The experience you face as a customer is a subject that raises feelings and passions in all of us. How companies and organisations can strengthen the experience for their customers and stakeholders was the big question that was presented by different case studies and was discussed in the event.

Speakers at the event were Sirte Pihlaja a customer experience optimizer from ShiruteLauri Leppä, Service Director of SOL ServicesJuha-Pekka Kettunen Sales Director of Fonecta and Jarmo Purontaus CEO of Benemen Finland

The event was kicked off by key-note speaker Sirte Pihlaja. Sirte is the founder of Shirute the first customer experience agency in Finland fully specialized in creating memorable experiences for customers. “Finnish companies have high expectations of the customer experience they provide. However they lack CX strategy and competence.” (

Sirte highlighted the following topics when optimizing the customer experience

"Customer experience is an essential part of business strategy not just nice to have. Companies need to create a functional and effective CX strategy."

“Listen to the customer’s voice and learn in the process to create the optimal experience path.”

“Involve, measure and reward employees.”


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

said Maya Angelou an American author and poet. This is a fine lesson when thinking and creating the customer experience path.


Second speaker Lauri Leppä, Service Director of SOL Services, pointed out in his presentation how SOL Services, a multinational service company, is taking care of building the customer experience. Their aim is that every service that SOL is providing represents the pinnacle of the industry and brings positive experience to the customer. This is enabled by skillful and motivated staff as well as functioning IT-solutions and Contact Center. SOL Services Phone solution is provided by Benemen. SOL provide 24/7 customer service for their customers and a well functioning phone system plays an essential role in the customer experience process.

Juha-Pekka Kettunen, Sales Director of Fonecta, introduced how Fonecta is approaching the process to build the experience for customers. Fonecta is an expert in the field of local information and offers an extensive set of tools for digital marketing and sales to companies as well as services for facilitating everyday life to consumers on a multichannel basis.

Juha-Pekka pointed out that it is often the small things that make the great difference when creating the experience. The devil is in the detail!

1.            Useful – creates value

2.            Practical – The value is easy to understand and engage with

3.            Pleasant – Engages at the emotional level and feels good

How do customers then actually respond to a well thought out experience? A recent Harvard Business Review Survey states that customers who had the best experience spent 140% more money on a one time purchase compared to ones with bad experience. This is one great example demonstrating that experience is something that really needs to be thought through thoroughly in all sized companies.

Jarmo Purontaus, CEO of Benemen Finland, introduced the services and solutions Benemen offers to organisations to increase customer satisfaction.

“Customer experience is a company level issue” was the message that Jarmo delivered. Customer experience can be taken care of well when everybody in a company is connected with solutions showing the device independent availability of employees combined with easy to analyse reporting information for improving decision making and management.

Benemen offers a communications solutions including all communications channels from one cloud based communication platform. This enables not only unified solutions but possibility to create unforgettable customer experiences for the customers. If you are interested in hearing more, or want to challenge our thoughts, please do not hesitate to contact us via this link and we'll be in touch for an informal chat. 

Ville is the Marketing Manager at Benemen Oy and a customer experience evangelist based in Helsinki, Finland.