How an invisible robot can improve customer experience


Touchpoints are all part of the journey that create your Customer experience. In other words, all those situations where the customer is interacting with the company. There are often many more touchpoints than you might think. I recommend listing the touchpoints, and I can assure you that your colleagues will discover many more that were not on your list.

I advise that you first list the critical touchpoints, those that are known to be vital from the perspective of excellent customer experience. The number of these is usually reasonable and manageable.

There are two key components for the touchpoints between people: Interpersonal skills and data. In this story, I will focus on the latter, the data.

Getting the right data to the touchpoints

Where “data is not available” the customer interaction is agonizing for both customer and service provider. It is expensive, useless and creates a bad customer experience situation. Sadly these encounters occur every day for tens, hundreds, thousands…

Everyone can pick up these situations from their own personal experience. How many times have you given the same information that is asked by the same company repeatedly even though it is already known and stored in the systems of this company.

In a perfect world all information systems of the enterprise integrate seamlessly with each other and users are provided the very services that are required at the exact moment they are needed.

In real life it is much more complex. In one company, I was told that a customer service agent needed to use up to 16 different systems that may have information about the customer or the services used by the customer. This is a record for me!

The other extreme are the companies that have no customer information systems, but everything is stored in the heads of the responsible people. This can work well in a small company as long as the one with the head remains.

Robotics can help

Integration between systems is often the best option if it’s technically and economically feasible. However, many companies have information systems in which integration cannot reasonably be implemented. In these cases the use of a robot can be very practical.

Conversions and provisioning are often needed when combining data that is to be transferred or used. This logic is easy to implement with a robot.

Nowadays, a large number of robots are invisible, in other words they do not have separate tin shells. Some call these software robots. The robot can hide inside the machine and do smart things that make it easier for people to work, and allowing people to focus fully on customer engagement.

What is a software robot?

A software robot is a workstation or server application that can, for example, do all the same repetitive and regular things a person could do with their own fingertips on a keyboard.

There are many different areas of application, but here are some robotic-assisted examples that affect customer experience:

  • Exporting communication events to ERP / CRM within reach for everyone.
  • Automatically retrieving client information based on a certain client.
  • The robot can constantly generate targets that meet the criteria set, for example adding to the call list of a salesperson, whereby a campaign is transformed into a continuous up-to-date service process.
  • Informing the customer based on the phase of a certain task / assignment process.
  • Searching for forgotten, delayed or defective events and pushing those up the handling process.
  • Monitoring the changes of customer behavior and "waking up" those responsible for a certain account.


A software robot is bad at guessing, so the existence and integrity of the right information are important success factors.

Benemen is focused on producing business-class communication solutions. We are also good friends with robots, as we collect and produce business information from all digital touchpoints. We are also able to provide the necessary support information for companies from touchpoints if the information is available. Software robots can have a clear role in both improving the cost-effectiveness and enhancing the service when used properly.



Jarmo Purontaus CEO of Benemen Finland