Enterprise Voice in Office 365 With PSTN Calling and Conferencing Available Now


Since Microsoft announced the change from Lync to Skype for Business we have had a lot of people asking what's the difference?

Microsoft also announced that Skype for Business will one day include enterprise voice and audio conferencing and PSTN connectivity. However, this conferencing and PSTN connectivity from Microsoft is only planned in the US currently on the more expensive voice enabled Client Access Licenses and it will still require integration into another service to become part of a PBX or Call Centre solution.

The good news for you is you do not have to wait for Microsoft if you need to improve your communications now and add voice conferencing and PSTN connectivity to Skype for Business. 

The Benemen Platform already adds voice and audio conferencing together with PSTN conectivity to Skype for Business as part of a sophisticated, modern and enterprise grade telephony solution. It also integrates with mobile so that all devices become extensions within the same communications service. For users that do not require all of the enterprise features of voice enabled Skype for Business we have the Benemen Softphone which adds voice to the Office 365 version.

To explore how to start to use these powerful tools to improve your communications and change the way you work contact me, Dave Clarke, via this link and I'll be in touch to begin a conversation about how such an integrated communications solution can solve many of your problems.

Benemen Skype for Business