Customer Experience And Why It Matters


Dave Clarke writes about the breakout session on customer experience at the recent CompTIA UK Channel Community in Birmingham.

In a refreshingly open presentation Mike Brooman, Chief Engagement Officer of Vanti, spoke about the lessons his business learned from focusing on the Client experience.

They used to use customer surveys to gauge how well they were doing, but were taken aback when one customer left as all their survey responses were ok. It turned out there had been a series of examples of poor experiences, but these were not apparent from the surveys as the people who were on the receiving end were even more upset at being asked to complete a survey!

In the last week I have experienced something similar with poor service from two of the big UK mobile operators. On both occasions the problems were left unresolved and with no realistic expection of when things would be fixed. That was after the pain of navigating painful IVR menus whilst listening to adverts for their self proclaimed excellent service. After each of these calls I received text messages asking me to participate in a survey. NO THANK YOU!

Many of these surveys are long whilst others are short and based on the Net Promoter Score. The whole idea of NPS raises enough questions to be the subject of another blog.

Getting back to Vanti and what they decided to do about customer experience Mike went on to share how they had a long hard look at how they do things and their company culture. They appreciated that customer experience is affected by every single interaction that someone has with your business however small. No matter how that interaction takes place for example in person, by phone, email, social media or web. Every interaction with the business is part of the experience which is not limited to what you deliver and they buy. Including customer service, sales, finance, operations, management and more. Also conversations with stakeholders, other customers, suppliers, and the industry in general. Having the right culture is essential to creating the right customer experience and you can see the results of the work Vanti did on this at

These things matter because if your customers do not have a positive experience they will become a customer elsewhere. On the plus side a recent Harvard Business Review Survey showed how much more customers will spend when they have the best experience.

A great culture is not enough on its own and it is essential to be able to respond over all communication channels in providing a positive customer experience. Customers expect to be able to use the tools that are convenient to them so the Benecloud communications as a service platform has been designed to meet that need. Available for all devices, all users and all calls. Mobile as well as fixed. By providing all communication services from one cloud based platform your communication system can boost responsiveness for that all important customer experience. It will also improve business processes and make information available from all communication events for better decision making.

To explore how Benecloud could improve your communications and enhance the experience of your customers contact us via this link and we'll be in touch for an informal chat.

Dave Clarke

Dave leads Benemen in the UK and is an advocate of the benefits of advanced communications and customer engagement.

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