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Dave Clarke writes about the benefits we get from using our own platform for mobility and modern flexible working.

Communication Tools Modern Working

A couple of recent deployments of our cloud telephony platform required on site installation work involving people from various parts of the UK, Finland and the Netherlands after all the preparatory work had been done via our conferencing platform. In the not too distant past this would have taken much longer and involved many more face to face meetings and the associated scheduling difficulties and travel time.

Whilst on site we were joined for online meetings at various times by others in the UK, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland. Again it is not too long ago that the complex operational tasks involved would have required everyone to be present in person.

In the couple of weeks since we have had a number of follow up Skype for Business conferences utilising our platform. During this time one of my colleagues has been taking his wife to the doctors daily following an operation, but instead of being unable to join the conferences he has been able to participate fully from his mobile either in the car or at the GP surgery. I can remember when something like this would have been impossible and would have meant rescheduling meetings and delaying this project and other important work.

It is often the little things like this that make a big difference to our working lives and I guess we take all this a bit for granted, but I know many people I talk to don't have the tools for this modern way of working.

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Dave Clarke

The writer, Dave, leads Benemen in the UK and is an advocate of the benefits of modern flexible working and mobility.

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