Break Down The Silos With One Companywide Communication Solution


The 2016 autumn series of Benemen breakfast seminars kicked off with the theme “One Companywide Communication Solution“ writes Lotta Lindholm-Svensk.


Break Down Communication Silos


Jarmo Purontaus CEO of Benemen Finland introduced the audience to the seminar theme. Lauri Leppä, SOL Service Director and, Pasi Perkiömäkisupervisor of the Solar Center (SOL 24/7 customer service center) then introduced the case study and practical examples from the SOL service environment. SOL is a family business operating internationally in the service sector with diverse cleaning, premise, property maintenance and security services. SOL operates nationwide in Finland and also in Estonia, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden. The priority for SOL is a happy, satisfied and loyal customer.

Tear down the silos - focus on objectives and results!

Many organizations have started to examine internal limitations and other reasons that lead to operational silos. The silos can be a result of organizational, structural and technical issues as well as being influenced by cultural and attitudinal factors eg ‘We have always done it this way!’

Creating good customer experience is the number one theme in many organizations and so critical to their overall strategy. However, the way that information and know-how are contained in different silos is a challenge to the creation and delivery of added value to customers. Obstacles can be difficult to overcome whether they are a result of technical or cultural silos and the two often go hand in hand.

Benemen has identified five significant challenges when talking about the impact of technical silos on good service and customer experience.

1. Stand-alone systems make it difficult to manage and organize the services.

2. Information on people and service availability is unavailable.

3. The lack of a unified service/customer experience

4. Service production is inefficient.

5. Relevant valid information is difficult or impossible to obtain.

Companies are starting to appreciate the benefits of moving from siloed stand-alone systems to one companywide solution. Information technology on its own is a basic utility like electricity and cannot be used to gain competitive advantage. That advantage is gained from the communication applications and their intelligent utilization. Managing the customer contact points in a better way is a critical success factor to the company.

One company wide communication solution enables the right competencies and services to be available to your customers when required. The data from all communication events can also be used to inform better decision making and success in service and customer experience.

We are more than willing to discuss how the silos in your company can be brought together and how competitive advantage can be improved with a better customer experience! Contact us via this link to begin a conversation about how our experience and expertise can be utilized in in your company.


Wishing you rewarding customer experiences!

The writer, Lotta, works as Marketing Intelligence Manager in Benemen Finland Oy.