Benemen is making voice part of Salesforce's multichannel customer service cloud



– Voice still plays a critical role in customer service

Benemen's voice channel will bring the final, missing element to Salesforce's customer service cloud: voice and the related routing. As a result, Salesforce's Service Cloud will cover the entire spectrum of customer service. With voice, Salesforce customers around the world can provide end customers with a shared service experience seamlessly delivered across all channels. 
"The customer experience has an undoubted impact on customer retention and additional sales. New purchasing decisions are directly affected by the customer experience and, in practice, the speed and ease with which each issue is resolved. The experience should be the same, regardless of the channel. Voice is still the most important communications channel, which gives it a key role among service channels. In addition, service provided by phone should be of high quality and efficient. This means that when a customer feels that they have had first-class service in all channels and their transaction history is well understood, we have an excellent opportunity to sell more services," summarises Matti Heikkonen, who has been the CEO of Benemen since January 2019.

Cooperation between Benemen and Salesforce will guarantee that all Salesforce customers have the opportunity to use voice services. In addition to a high-quality customer experience and growing sales opportunities, customer service will become more efficient when all channels are managed in the same way. 
When a voice channel is added to Salesforce's Service Cloud, calls will be identified immediately and routed to the right people or units. In addition, the respondent will be provided with all the relevant information needed to resolve the service situation as well and as quickly as possible. Pointless work will be avoided, satisfaction within the customer service team will improve, and ergonomics will be enhanced when the team has no need to process information or channels in several environments.

All customer data in the same place 

In modern business management, it is important that all data related to a customer's purchasing decision is in the same environment and directs the activities of an organisation in real time. Because most customer service work is still by telephone, customer data must also be available by this channel and, if necessary, the content of and/or sentiment expressed in calls must be recorded. Benemen will be the only player in the Nordic countries able to offer voice-based data collection and analysis as a Salesforce service option.

In practice, Benemen's solution will help companies to interact effectively and on a personal level with customers by phone: even before a customer service employee answers a call, comprehensive data on the customer and previous interaction with them will be presented on a display. Ideally, instructions will be presented on how to resolve the situation or sell more. 
The next development step involves using AI to analyse call content, in order to provide the customer with a better customer experience. From this point of view, companies should collect call data for data warehouses in the same way as for other customer data. 

The customer experience is the key issue

Salesforce plays a major role as a provider of CRM systems. End users will receive an even better customer experience once voice has been added to Salesforce's service alongside other communication channels. The work of customer service staff will become easier when calls can be answered from the same desktop view as other functions.
"When Salesforce and Benemen join forces, their business customers can truly begin to compete on the basis of an exceptional customer experience and operational efficiency. Even the initial experiences will have a direct impact on net sales and the bottom line for business customers," sums up Matti Heikkonen.
The companies' collaboration will also be highlighted at the Salesforce Basecamp event to be held in Helsinki in May, at which Benemen will feature as Salesforce's Nordic partner for voice and operator services. 
On 5 June 2019, Benemen and Salesforce are also organising a joint breakfast event aimed at people in charge of customer service design and management. The event will involve the exploration of customer service trends and the future of customer service, and a discussion of its direct impact on business.
Benemen in brief
Benemen is a software company and operator at the forefront of developing the provision of cloud-based communications solutions for medium-sized and large companies. Its solutions can be used alongside standard services such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Benemen's solution combines mobile phone and fixed-line subscriptions, email, chat, the social media and communications in the same service. The service also includes reporting that covers the entire firm and all channels.
Benemen helps companies to turn communications into a success factor by combining all communications channels into a single service.
Benemen's headquarters are located in Helsinki and it mainly operates in the Nordic countries.