A Number of Offices in Many Countries – Nightmare for CIO?


A view on how Microsoft Lync is a good backbone but not a complete communication solution

Microsoft Lync has been like a gift from heaven for those companies having offices in many countries. Lync helps people to interact, especially company personnel with each other but also to a certain level with interests groups, customers et cetera. However, Lync is not a complete solution for all requirements regarding corporate communications challenges.

People still have mobile phones as their primary communication tool, there are needs for contact center functionality, how to organize international help desks, switchboard functionality, outbound campaigns and so on. These are challenges that business unit leaders must somehow solve.

When there is a need, there is a solution. When a business unit leader in one country has a certain need, he/she typically tries to overcome this with a local vendor/solution.  This leads to a worst case scenario where the company ends up with tens of parallel systems in different countries even though they have centralized Lync for the whole business. Why?

Is it because just a few companies have a policy to acquire communication solutions centrally? Why do companies not have these kind of policies? Do you know any company that has a complete communication solution for international companies enabling centralized communication business logic, billing, reporting and management?  No? You are not alone. 

This market has become very fragmented because of the nature of the telecom operators. Telecom operators typically have a license to operate in only one or a few countries and their focus has not been on corporate communication solutions. Furthermore operators have protected their margins by closing their networks for external players.

Again, when there is a need, there is solution. Benemen have been working hard to overcome these challenges and today we can proudly tell that the challenges described above can be handled by the BeneCloud service. There is no need to invest in any new hardware or software; everything can be acquired as a cloud service.  Follow Benemen news in LinkedIn and take a look at our offering: here to learn more about this topic.

Jouni Purontaus, CEO of Benemen Oy

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