Full Mobile Integration With Unified Communications Available Now

At Benemen we have long recognised the benefits of bringing together fixed, unified and mobile communications into one integrated telephony service. Our cloud based communications as a service platform has brought that idea to life for many smaller and mid sized businesses. These users now benefit from increased productivity and efficiency whilst reducing operational and telecoms costs.

The change in the way that IT services are provided as managed services from the Cloud has meant the business model for many IT providers has changed during this period from value added partner to managed service provider (MSP). It can be a difficult transition, but for many MSPs it is opening the door for new opportunities for services they have little or no experience in or maybe where they have had problems in the past.

This is where we help so if you are an MSP and see opportunities to make a positive difference to the way that many smaller and mid sized businesses operate with modern communications then get in touch about our communications as a service platform.

There is one more thing to consider if you are an MSP and not doing much with Telecoms. At a recent MSP event in the UK one MD shared that his business was now generating 7 times as much profit per employee from modern Telecoms than from traditional IT services!

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