Keeping the communications costs under control

With traditional office telephony solutions costs tend to be unpredictable and can lead to unpleasant surprises when the monthly or quarterly invoice hits the mailbox.

office user

Since office workers usually have access to a PC and good network connectivity why not consider a softphone? A softphone will 

make sure your costs decrease enormously and at the same time provide complete integration with your overall communications solution. Besides that, you'll have access to advanced functionality like availability services, data collection and reporting, call history etc, which will help you to make informed decisions, steer your business towards the company goals and stay ahead of the competition.

For some users softphones are not the ideal device, so Benemen also supports SIP based desk phones that are certified to be compatible with the solution, and which can be used instead.


What is included for the Office User:

  • One phone number
  • Unified Availability service
  • Reporting & data collection
  • Enterprise wide Directory
  • User portal
  • Mobile App for Availability Management and enterprise wide directory.
  • Call Handling
  • Work schedules
  • Call History
  • Multi-operator/ SIP connectivity
  • Call Cost optimization
  • Voicemail with email notification
  • Intelligent routing


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