mobile telephony

Integrate company mobile phones to the telephony solution

For those on the move, away from the office, or in between meetings, it can be challenging to stay in contact with or be reachable for customers and colleagues. Of course this can be solved by providing all of these employees with a mobile phone, but this is traditionally more expensive than calling from the office. Besides that, mobile phones are usually stand-alone devices and are isolated from the rest of the company’s communication solution. 

Benemen's mobile solution is the answer here. The solution will not only decrease the costs for mobile telephony, but is also seamlessly integrated into one communication platform for the whole enterprise. This means you’ll have access to advanced functionality like availability services, data collection and reporting, call history etc., giving you full control over your company’s communication.

What's included for Mobile User:

  • One mobile phone number
  • Unified Availability service
  • Reporting data collection
  • Enterprise wide Directory
  • User portal
  • Mobile App for Availability Management and enterprise wide directory.
  • Work schedules
  • Call History
  • Multi-operator/ SIP connectivity
  • Call Cost optimization
  • Billing data collection
  • Intelligent routing
  • Voicemail with email and SMS notification


Good to know:

  • Mobile is fully part of the telephony solution (centralized billing, provisioning, reporting)
  • Call Recording can be added as an option, cloud based, regulator compliant
  • Calls can be attached to actual call party names (CRM integration option)


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