Creating optimal value with ONE cloud based platform for all communications.

What is integration platform?

Most companies today use a mix of different telecommunication solutions, like PBX, call centre, mobile phones, and unified communication software. But for the most part these different solutions are isolated and not integrated. Integration is costly and the isolated communication solutions do not deliver optimum value for the business.

PBX, UC and Mobile silos       BeneCloud Cloud platform

Works alongside Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business

Working alongside Microsoft Office365 and Skype for Business the Benemen solutions replace the traditional isolated PBX, contact centre software, mobile phones, and unified communication software and unify all communication channels of an organization into one single platform, turning enterprise communications into a key business driver instead of a cost factor.

Cloud based communication platform

100 % Cloud Based Platform

BeneCloud is cloud based. This means that the intelligence and the services are in the cloud. BeneCloud is available for all devices, all users and all calls. Mobile as well as fixed. Mobile phones with Benemen SIM cards but also business numbers, geographical numbers and international numbers.

By integrating all communication services into one cloud based platform your communication systems are transformed into a solution that boosts business processes and makes information available from all communication events to improve decision making and management. Optimum value is created and made affordable to companies of all size.


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