Car dealership Hartikainen

Car dealership Hartikainen takes control of its busy phone lines


Benemen’s mobile phone contracts, callback service and reports which cover all the company’s customer contacts solved the problems Autotalo Hartikainen had with staff availability, thus improving its customer experience.

Autotalo Hartikainen started selling cars in Joensuu in 1984. Nowadays, the company owns four car dealerships in Joensuu, Kuopio, Iisalmi and Kajaani. Hartikainen is a reseller of 10 makes and offers complete service for 15 makes of car. Furthermore, it offers motorists damage repairs, a car wash and a tyre hotel. The company’s dealerships in the provinces of North Karelia, North Savo and Kainuu are leaders in their field.

Sights on a better customer experience and availability

When conversations with Benemen began, Autotalo Hartikainen needed to improve both its customer experience and its availability. Getting a full picture of customer contact was found hard because there were separate systems and no integrated information was available. Before the Benemen cloud service, the company used a mobile exchange and a separate callback system. Because these two systems were not connected to each other, it was impossible to get reporting about how efficient business was.

Getting a grip on busy peaks


“Some kinds of busy peaks are typical for the motor trade. In spring and autumn tyre changes mean a lot of work for the garage and the phones ring off the hook. Throughout the year, Monday mornings are also peak times for phone calls,” Autotalo Hartikainen secondary market director Mika Rissanen says. However, for the company it is important that customers are not left unserved simply because the phone lines are busy. That is why the callback service was considered a good solution. The Benemen service solution includes mobile phone contracts for the hundred or so Autotalo Hartikainen employees, and a callback service.


“In the garage, particularly, we’re very satisfied with how well the callback service works, and we’ve had good feedback from customers,” repairs manager Taisto Leinonen says. “Another thing that’s made the service function so well is the fact that roles have been partially reorganized, meaning we could allocate more staff to the phone service.”

Result: the desired development

Staff availability has improved thanks to the Benemen mobile phone contracts and employees also see when their colleagues’ phone lines are free or engaged. Another strength of the Benemen cloud service is reporting, which covers the company’s entire customer communication, and which can be used to develop and manage services. It can be used to see such things as how quickly staff have been able to respond to service requests. “It feels really great to see that we’ve been able to help Autotalo Hartikainen achieve the customer service goals we talked about at the sales stage. A concrete result has been achieved through the callback service getting call spikes under control, and extensive reporting has given better opportunities for developing and growing Autotalo Hartikainen’s business,” Janne Ruskovaara, sales manager at Benemen, says. The company has been using Benemen’s services since 2016. The dialogue between Autotalo Hartikainen and Benemen is continuing, and next they are going to focus on the benefits smart call routing could deliver.