Benemen is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland

Since 2007 Benemen has delivered next generation communication solutions to domestic and international customers.

Benemen has currently operations in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Through its carrier agreements Benemen can deliver telephone numbers to more than 80 countries in the world. Mobile Telephony is currently available in Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark.

A combination of a Communication Service Provider and a Technology Vendor

Benemen is a leading innovator in cloud based integrated telephony solutions. Benemen’s telephony service works alongside Office 365 and Skype for Business and provides a solution for your fixed, mobile and unified communication needs. The service replaces your PBX and has inbuilt contact centre functionality. The flexible nature of the full service enables you to solve multiple issues on one platform.

Benemen Oy is a combination of a communication service provider and a technology vendor. Its management has more than a decade of experience in the communication services arena and entrepreneurship. The company was starting its businesses in 2008 by developing new innovative services based on an IP communication core code and service structure. From the beginning of 2009, the first customers were starting to use these services.

The innovation which makes solution valuable to customers is its overall control of call routing and its integration capability. Benemen offers its customers the possibility to break out of the different communication silos (such as Unified communication, PBX, Mobile and Call Center) and to create business communication based on centralized control, bringing totally new possibilities for their Business Process Management and Business Intelligence.


For companies to be competitive, efficient and to manage costs it is important to choose the right communications solution. One that is well integrated with business processes and not separate or stand alone. By choosing a modern communication solution that can be truly integrated with business processes the communication solution can contribute to improved company performance.


With the Benemen communication platform, the intelligence and the services are in the cloud. Available for all devices, all users and all calls. Mobile as well as fixed. Mobile phones with Benemen SIM cards but also business numbers, geographical numbers and international numbers can be part of the solution. No CAPEX, no hassle and no external software is required to deliver services. Specify your demands and we deliver your solution – from the cloud. Even bespoke solutions don’t require on premise hardware.




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