Flexible user with Skype for Business

The Benemen approach is to integrate Skype for Business seamlessly with the rest of the communication platform in the enterprise, Contact Center, Switchboard and mobile.

Skype for Business integrated


Skype for Business integrated

A flexible user is characterized by an extremely varying calendar; he or she may be traveling one day, working from the office the next day and work from home the day after that. Regardless of being on the move or working from home, the office, or a hotel, this employee needs to stay in touch, be reachable and can collaborate efficiently with colleagues. 

A vast array of different gadgets and tools have become available to support the needs of these users. However, for your company there is more to consider than staying in touch and collaborate; you’ll need this workforce to be integrated into the total enterprise communications solution to make sure you are in control and have access to the data you need for your decision making. 

That’s why Benemen has integrated Skype for Business seamlessly with the rest of the enterprise communication platform, including the contact centre, the switchboard and mobile telephony. This provides your flexible users with all the tools they need to do their job and at the same time keeps you in the driver’s seat. 


What's included:

  • Mobile and/or fixed phone number
  • Voice enabled Skype 4 Business
  • Unified Availability service
  • Reporting data collection
  • Enterprise wide Directory
  • User portal
  • Mobile App for Availability Management and enterprise wide directory.
  • Work schedules
  • Call History
  • Multi-operator/ SIP connectivity
  • Call Cost optimization
  • Intelligent routing
  • Voicemail with email and/or SMS notification


Good to know:

  • Skype for Business is fully part of the telephony solution (centralized billing, provisioning, reporting)
  • Many parallel phone terminals, tool for the task
  • Rich feature set
  • Seamless company wide availability
  • Calls can be attached to actual call party names (CRM integration option)


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