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Release of extraordinary policy and instructions for all employees of Benemen Group and suppliers under
Benemen’s leadership

Distribution: all Benemen group employees and suppliers

EFFECTIVE 17.3.2020
As we move further with the Corona pandemia, it is important for our business and people to follow the following operating procedures until further notice:

1. We follow the guidelines, instructions and recommendations of the governments, authorities and municipalities

  • Any and all mandatory rulings supersede any and all Benemen policies and guidelines
  • Benemen’s leadership will not repeat / recommunicate the official governmental rulings to the Benemen employees, and will not take any role in interpreting the rulings in practice
  • All Benemen employees are encouraged to use their own discretion and judgment, and address all received inputs with rational and analytic thinking in mind

2. Our utmost priorities are to remain safe and secure, while remaining on top of our business and professional accountabilities

  • We need to keep following the social distance precautions, health/hygiene instructions and other necessary measures to keep ourselves, our nearest and our community safe, while we need to realize that such behavior is as strong as its weakest link, and that proper precautions and behavior might need some regular enforcement as the time goes by
  • We are accountable for our daily work, and need to ensure the continuity, growth and viability of our business; while the pandemia is important to sequence down to protect the weakest members of the society and the healthcare system, the focus during the business hours needs to be in our day jobs and respective accountabilities
  • We need to realize that operating within the new conditions and environment needs some new procedures, behavior, communication and practices, which we need to adapt to and take on right away to keep going

3. We need to ensure there is continuity with social influence, communication and sense of belonging through remote means

  • As we work remote, our communication and social behavior needs to adapt accordingly; people still need attention, information, communication and sense of belonging, which insists us all to be much more proactive, talk with each other, arrange more frequently short catch-up video calls, and avoid burdening each other with e-mail or other non-social means of communication
  • Team leaders and company leadership needs to remain in touch with each and all team members on a daily basis through social communication means, and to keep everyone engaged with each other, both mentally and socially; the number of touch points and proximity needs to intensify as we are working remotely, and this is something where the leadership needs to lead the way
  • Everyone needs to ensure there is decent and appropriate space for remote work at home, including the necessary equipment and privacy; should you need something in terms of the equipment, ask your superior to manage / arrange that for you

4. Our clientele has never had such a high and fundamental demand for voice channel and intelligent means of communicating with each other

  • We need to be proactive towards our clientele to support and help them with the immediate crisis, where we can, and realize the priorities they might have to survive, to gain control or to reorient their businesses.
  • We need to enforce any and all customer / 3rd party commitments towards us to ensure we are not getting vulnerable to any external impact, which we can control ourselves by behaving professionally and requiring full professional behavior from parties around us

5. Remain balanced and reasonable

  • In moments of ambiguity, uncertainty and even tragedies, it is normal that emotional side of us starts influence our behavior; while this is natural for all of us, it remains important to realize that rationale analysis, conclusions and actions should prevail when dealing with complex situations
  • It remains very important to focus on factual data points, reliable sources for guidance and safe/secure partners for any help/assistance; while the society, various systems and generic communication will experience challenges, Benemen will support its staff in all means necessary; when in doubt, reach out to your superior, who can orchestrate the necessary procedures going forward and involve necessary parties to support you
  • Keep yourself and your nearest in balance; even though there are restrictions to travel, gatherings, social distance, commuting, etc., please make sure you lead yourself and your nearest to a daily routine that keeps you both mentally and physically in balance; as the new restrictions provide quite severe changes to normal course of living, you should be innovative and find out new ways to deal with the situation and maintain balance of life
And please remember, the current estimate is that the extraordinary situation lasts for another month or so. No one knows for sure, but the situation is anyhow going to be temporary and have a timeline attached to it. Hence, maintaining positive mindset, diligence and belief of the future are keys to success.


Updated 12.3.2020
Benemen was one of the first companies reacting publicly to coronavirus spread by publishing our policy to everyone. We have followed the situation closely. Today, Finnish government, among others, has issued several instructions regarding preparations and activities related to coronavirus. Benemen has studied these instructions and now updates its policy regarding coronavirus. Following instructions will come to effect immediately and remain in force until further notice:

1. Remote work

  • people, who have laptops, are asked to take laptops to home on daily basis
  • remote work is allowed subject to everyone’s own discretion at all times
  • all meetings, also internal, should have the possibility to be joined virtually, and held virtually whenever possible

2. Hygiene

  • it is encouraged to avoid handshakes or any close contacts amongst personnel, partners, clients or others around the work environment
  • it is important to continue to wash hands regularly and use disinfection whenever entering or exiting the office, or otherwise seen necessary

3. Travelling

  • it is encouraged by everyone to follow the guidance and instruction of Foreign Ministry in your local country regarding travelling abroad
  • once travelling abroad, one should inform the destination to superior / line manager, and unless otherwise agreed, when returning from abroad, continue working remotely until otherwise agreed / confirmed

Released 27.2.2020

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Release of extraordinary policy and instructions for all employees of Benemen Group and suppliers under
Benemen’s leadership

Distribution: all Benemen group employees and suppliers

Background and objective

The recent COVID‐19 outbreak caused by the new coronavirus in China in recent days has shown alarming signs and has an increased probability to evolve to pandemia. The virus causes flu‐like respiratory symptoms. Some people who are infected can also get pneumonia. However, in the light of current knowledge as of today, most infected receive only mild symptoms. There is no reason for panic or overreaction, but to prevent the virus from spreading further, some precautions and changes in policies and procedures are well justified.

As a precautionary measure, Benemen issues the following policy and change in practices to take effect immediately and to remain in force until further notice, applicable to all Benemen group employees and supplier personnel working under Benemen’s leadership or accessing Benemen premises.

Policy of self‐report to team leader for short term sick leave

Should you suspect to have a flu infection, you may remain on remote work and/or sign in for sick leave through self‐report procedure by informing your team lead through e‐mail. The self‐report sick leave can be applied for up to three days with such procedure, during which you should consult the company’s dedicated occupational physician or nurse, should your symptoms so require and/or should you claim for further sick leave. You should follow the health care’s guidance for further inspection and reporting if necessary. Recommendation is to contact the occupational health through chat or phone, and through physical appointment if so requested/agreed. Should you experience severe flu symptoms or should you have had access to people with severe flu symptoms, It is also recommended that you keep track of people you have been in intimate/close contact with over the term and record your symptoms for your initial briefing with the health care. For over three days sick leave, inquire health care for certificate of sick leave and have it delivered electronically to your team leader according to normal current procedure.

Travel to risky locations or procedures while a flu outbreak happens while traveling

All employees should refrain from traveling to locations where the risk of contamination is medium or high as assessed by the local or Nordic authorities. (see below for links for further information) For travel to areas or locations which are assessed as “to be monitored” or which have a practical risk of contamination, employees should apply extra precautions and prepare for a potential increased risk.

Hand hygiene and preventive measures for contamination

The most important thing in preventing the spread of the virus is good hand hygiene. It is also recommended that all employees take the seasonal flu vaccine, if not done already. Benemen’s health care provider can arrange such vaccination on 1‐on‐1 basis and the company covers such costs. All entrances and exits of Benemen offices are equipped with hand disinfection lotions. All employees are encouraged to apply disinfection every time entering or exiting the premises. Also, all employees should encourage all visitors and externals to adhere to the same procedure. It is also recommended to avoid close or physical contact with any business acquaintances, who might have early signs of flu.

Should an employee diagnose symptoms him/herself during physical presence in the office, such employee is allowed and encouraged to call in for remote work/sick leave immediately, and leave to home for healing.

Monitoring of the developments

Benemen monitors developments closely, on daily basis, and updates the level of preparedness in line with developments and changes in regulatory guidance. In Finland, the National Institute for Health and Welfare is responsible for health authority guidance. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs is responsible for travel instructions and country‐specific travel information. Similarly, in other regions, as outlined below. Benemen will inform all employees of any further changes in policies and practices, and encourages employees to gain self‐awareness of the situation, but focus on the sources of the information an respective facts over generic media coverage. For any questions, Benemen encourages to get in touch with healthcare provide and/or Benemen management or HR.

Precautions for further widespread

In the event of a potential widespread situation, Benemen has prepared various scenarios depending on the severity of the outbreak. Benemen has also sourced P3 level face masks for all employees, which can be claimed from HR. Usage of face mask is encouraged if an employee has symptoms of flu him/herself and/or there is a more widespread scenario that evolves in the region/area employee physically resides. It is also good to note that only P3 grade face masks are capable of effectively filter bacteria or viruses. In case of further widespread or further instructions, Benemen will directly inform all employees through e‐mail and/or online messaging.

Common questions about coronavirus

How does the new coronavirus infect?
The new coronavirus is primarily transmitted by droplet infection when coughing or sneezing. Viruses do not survive in the air. The virus may also be transmitted through physical contact. However, coronaviruses do not survive on surfaces for days at varying temperatures. A new coronavirus can be transmitted directly from person to person. The incubation period for the disease is estimated to be between 2 and 12 days, with an average of about 5 days.

What are the symptoms of a new coronavirus?

According to current information, many sufferers have had mild symptoms, but some have been seriously ill. In addition, many people with more serious symptoms have had some underlying illness, which has exposed them through lower immune defense. Symptoms include fever, cough, dyspnoea, myalgia, fatigue

How to prevent the new coronavirus?

Infections caused by the new coronavirus are prevented in the same way as other respiratory tract infections. Respiratory and cough hygiene is the best way to avoid respiratory infections. Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have just washed your hands. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If not available, use  alcohol‐based hand rinse. Use disposable towels to dry your hands. If you use a mouth‐nose protector, do not touch it with your hands.

Avoid close contact with a person who has a respiratory infection. Protect your mouth and nose with a disposable handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. If you do not have a handkerchief, cough or sneeze at the top of your blouse, do not hold your hands. Immediately litter the used handkerchief.

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