Portrait of marjo brander,  senior consultant  at benemen

Marjo Brander

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant Marjo Brander works in the Cloud operations unit. She joined Benemen in 2013 and has spent these years working in partnership with a foreign telecom operator. Marjo has been responsible for technical connections with all operators we are cooperating with – both in Finland and abroad. An integral part of the work consists of testing the connections.

Marjo is an information technology engineer by training. She came to Benemen at the recommendation of a former colleague. This led to an interview and a subsequent work offer. Marjo has experience in international duties over many years. Benemen gave her an opportunity to do similar work from Finland and also learn a lot more in the process. Marjo took the job and is enjoying her work thoroughly.

Comfortable with role of senior consultant

"I have several overlapping projects all the time. They are large projects full of detail. I find it fascinating to study things in depth and examine nuances. I've always enjoyed the role of senior consultant in work communities," says Marjo.


Marjo's duties include ensuring that the functions operate properly with operators, and the testing of operator invoicing. She is also a member in a team that ensures that customer service tools work as they should.

Work community with a sense of humour important for well-being at work

Marjo thinks it is important for the work community to have a sense of humour.
"Our work community has a good approach to work. All actual work is done professionally, but during our breaks we let our hair down," Marjo says.

Like many others at Benemen, Marjo has taken up cycling in a serious way. She likes to cycle to work sometimes and takes the opportunity for a morning sauna. It's nice to start the working day fresh after a sauna.