Heikki Veijola

Head of Sales

Heikki Veijola has been crazy about computers since his earliest years

Heikki Veijola has been leading Benemen's customer acquisition team since spring 2019.

Heikki had no clear career plans when writing for the MikroBitti magazine at the age of 14. However, he was drawn to the IT sector after a long, successful career with an advertising agency.

Heikki has always been fascinated by new challenges and getting to know interesting people. So his interest was aroused when Benemen got in touch. He had been considering a change of line or work for some time. Heikki was seeking a job that was different enough, but which would also leverage his B2B sales expertise.

Three days of talks with Benemen's management and Board of Directors convinced and inspired Heikki. "Benemen has huge potential. I didn't want to miss the chance to jump on board this rising and growing company," explains Heikki.

1+1 can add up to more than 2 in a working community

Heikki's expectations have been fulfilled. Negotiating and operating in various ways alongside executives are familiar territory for Heikki, even if the discussions are now more technical. He confirms that he has found what he was seeking.

"I feel that seeing things from a new angle is mind-broadening and enriches me mentally. Learning new things and soaring along a steep learning curve are highly rewarding in psychological terms," he says.

Heikki values being in a work community which energises and shares its expertise with its members. He emphasises the importance of teamwork to the wellbeing and success of a work community.

"A team is greater than the sum of its members," Heikki believes. 

Heikki spends his free time with his family at his holiday residence on the shores of Lake Saimaa, where he enjoys the open air and spends time with friends throughout the year. He also loves to record his family life in photographs and on video. Heikki has huge online photograph and video archives, which are enviably well organised.