Aki Peuralahti

Head of Research & Development

Aki Peuralahti believes in the power of interaction

Aki is in charge of Benemen's software development. He's been working in the field for more than 20 years, and been a partner in several software companies. He's been leading Benemen's R&D unit, which has a staff of eight, since 2014.

He is not only in charge of software development but also of creating software content required for invoicing.

Positive attitude and judge of character always help


"I want to be seen as a supervisor who helps people to get their work done properly. I think it's important that each employee can display their strengths and competences to the best of their abilities. One of the key methods is interaction, and another is the desire to solve problems," says Aki.

Interaction is important also when working with customers. Aki considers his strength to be able to talk to customers in a language that they feel comfortable with. He is also good at expressing difficult matters in a simple way. His deep understanding of the software business enables him to see where the technology is heading. These are useful skills in working life.

People and challenges as daily motivators

Aki says his description is challenging and rewarding. His days may be long, but he can also do his work flexibly; his work does not have to be done at a particular time of day. Flexible hours are a blessing, because he has two sons whose hobbies take up a fair amount of his time, as he both coaches and drives them to training regularly.

After his work duties and family commitments, Aki still has energy for himself and self-improvement. He started his eMBA studies in 2019. It helps to have flexible hours and your employer's backing when you study.

When asked about what is best in his work, he lists interaction with the customers and his co-workers, challenging and versatile jobs, and good work atmosphere.