Joonas Tolonen

Joonas Tolonen

Account Manager

Joonas Tolonen thrives on good customer meetings

Joonas Tolonen, who is currently an Account Manager, began work at Benemen as a Service Manager in spring 2017. His work experience, spanning more than a decade, consists of customer service, technical support, and supervisor and development positions. He has a B.B.A. degree in computer programming, specialising in application development.

"I moved to Benemen in 2017, encouraged by my former supervisor. He contacted me for the first time already in 2016, but I was involved in an interesting project, so I politely declined the offer at the time. But I remembered the offer and later, when I was ready to make a move, accepted the offer and began work at Benemen as a service manager," says Joonas.

Living in Lahti, Joonas considers it a major asset that if necessary, he can also work from home. A 100-kilometre commute as a father to children with hobbies can be a tricky puzzle at times, so flexibility in terms of work is warmly welcomed.

Understanding the customer's situation is crucial

Joonas enjoys the versatility of work of an account manager. He needs to be in close contact with customers, ensuring that all is well with the customer in terms of using Benemen's services.

The work involves a lot of business development by means of Benemen's technical solutions, but also close cooperation with product development, marketing, sales, customer support etc. That's why it's important that we all pull our weight at Benemen and work together.

It is important to understand the customer's situation, so that we can offer the right kind of solutions for their changing needs.

"What I like best is good customer contacts, seeing the customer happy and appreciating our work. For example, when we have been able to quickly react to a customer's new situation. The best prize is when you then see that the customer is grateful," says Joonas.