Newsletter 3/2020


BeneApp helps like a personal assistant

The iOS version of BeneApp now has a new callback feature similar to the Android version. The callback function lists all unanswered calls, calls interrupted by the caller and any messages. You can also see all related calls listed together on the basis of the caller’s phone number.

We are developing and improving BeneApp all the time. We are currently working on the next-generation BeneApp application, to create an even better user experience.


New BeneVoice to revolutionise Benemen’s speech services

Benemen has launched a browser-based speech application that will take the user experience to a whole new level. The new BeneVoice application will make it significantly easier to include speech in a number of new applications.

In the first stage, BeneVoice will be made part of the Salesforce and Dynamics platforms. The production versions of both BeneVoice for Salesforce and BeneVoice for Dynamics 365 have already been launched. In both cases, the customer service and customer experience will be raised to a new level by combining an intelligent speech channel, the information contained in Salesforce or Dynamics 365, and the view of the customer. It has never been easier for customer-centred organisations to harness customer information in support of modern customer service.

The browser-based BeneVoice is easily and naturally connected to the selected customer information platform, making launch and use very simple. Because BeneVoice is part of our cloud service, features such as call routing and call recording are already included in the implementation.

Juhamatti Muuraiskangas

Presenting Juhamatti Muuraiskangas, CMO

Outgoing team player and solution seeker

Juhamatti began work at Benemen in May 2019. He is in charge of marketing, customer service (and thereby customer experience) and project deliveries."With such a diverse job description, you can be sure that no day is like the previous one," says Juhamatti.

His day may consist of internal development projects, marketing planning and implementation, customer service development and customer contact or project meetings with the customer. Juhamatti’s work involves many aspects that have a direct influence on customers’ daily operations."My work always emphasises working with people, finding solutions and focusing on customers. These are precisely what I most enjoy about in my work," says Juhamatti.

Juhamatti lives in Porvoo, in a village school converted for residential use just a few years ago. His family includes his wife and two children, one of whom plays football and the other floorball. This means that much of his free time revolves around home and children’s hobbies, with whatever spare time is left spent jogging and cooking."I'm outgoing at work and exactly the same in my free time. Working with people is what I enjoy and brings meaning to my life," he says.

Juhamatti also loves technology, all technical equipment and applications that can make daily lives easier and create experiences."This passion, maybe a strange one, is closely linked to my work. We are, after all, creating the most modern speech technology at Benemen, consisting of hardware and software that make our lives easier," he says with a smile.

Benemen Newsletter 2/2020


Did you know, that you can answer mobile phone calls in Teams?

Teams is commonly used in many organisations. However, there is still unused potential and possibilities for even more efficient use of Teams. When combining telephone system, Teams and mobile devices into one solution it will enable e.g. following:

  • When working on your computer, you can choose whether to answer phone calls in Teams or by mobile. Answering with Teams allows you handsfree way of working. You may also include other people in the call, making it easy to collaborate.
  • Teams will enable you to make and receive calls using your own number in the usual way, regardless of whether the other party is within or outside your company.
  • Making calls with Teams is part of Benemen’s mobile packages. You can make your work more efficient, and the calls don’t cost extra.

In other words, when a phone system, Teams and mobile devices are combined, they will enable you to work regardless of time, place or terminal device.



Tip on data use

During recent weeks, we have increased our mobile-service capacity to meet the greater need for remote work.

Please note that using your subscription for non-work purposes, such as watching films or gaming, may cause major consumption peaks in data use. 

Please use a fixed data network, such as ADSL, cable or fibre, whenever possible. In this way, we can ensure fast mobile connections even in exceptional circumstances.


Want to blur the background of your video feed?

If your home is not as tidy as it might be, you can blur the background of your video feed so that other participants can only see you clearly.

You can do this using the selection below the ‘Join now’ button. You can also do it after joining the meeting, by clicking on the three dots button at the bottom of the screen.

MS Teams mobile

Did you know how Teams optimises data use?

Now that we cannot all be in the same room, we can hold Teams meetings. Group discussions are no problem and you can also easily record the meeting video.

If your connection’s data speed is not high enough, Teams will optimise data use. Speech quality is prioritised, followed by material sharing, and then video. Modern mobile data rates are usually good enough to enable all three. Benemen’s mobile subscriptions always offer a fast data rate, at 100–150 Mbit/s.

Mikko Elo, Director, Operator Business

A competitor by nature 

Mikko Elo is in charge of the teleservices team and is responsible for Benemen’s teleservices and their development. His areas of responsibility include operator contracts and partnerships. 

The work of Mikko’s team shows in the tele-network calls you make and receive. “We have made it possible to connect both mobile communication subscriptions and land line numbers from several networks and countries to the same service platform. This is exceptional in itself, as traditionally teleoperation has been country-specific with separate platforms and services in each country,” Mikko says. Mikko’s team is also coming up with things like more diverse uses for numbering, new fee models for service numbering and the utilization of new messaging tools such as MS Teams or Salesforce in mobile packages. 

Mikko says he is a competitor by nature, which is reflected broadly in the things he does from his working life to hobbies. 

Before his working career, Mikko was a passionate competitive cyclist. He has a couple of dozen Finnish Championship medals of various colours to show for his success. “The sport taught me the correlation of goals and work in a way that enables you to achieve results,” Mikko notes. Cycling has remained part of Mikko’s life, but he no longer participates in competitions. Mikko’s hobby nowadays is the restoration of classic cars. It’s a hobby that helps him get his mind off the everyday chores and take his attention to detail to the extreme. Mikko’s goal with cars is always to do everything he can himself, and what he can’t do yet, he will learn.