About Us

We make talking smarter one conversation at a time.

Benemen in brief

At Benemen, we offer the smartest voice technology on the market to modernize voice communication across enterprises. We deliver voice to all terminals and context through cloud and enrich the voice with data. Voice, combined with data, insights and analytics creates exceptional performance, intimacy and insights - leaving people to focus on the essentials and to succeed.

Our customers want to be forerunners in their own industry and in offering and developing outstanding customer experiences. We work closely with e.g. Salesforce and Microsoft.

At Benemen every employee can contribute to the growth story of the company and give his/her best in an enthusiastic and encouraging working atmosphere. Benemen has a firm financial standing with a recurring revenue of 96 %.

Agile telecom company

We provide modern cloud-based services with great integration capabilities. 

Human touch

We help our customers to interact with their customers with human touch.

Nordic Focus

We serve Nordic-based companies globally with same services in all countries.


"Benemen is a committed partner helping to build next generation business communications and better customer experiences."


Matti Heikkonen, CEO of Benemen

The values of Benemen

Do What Matters

We do things that have impact on our customers, people and the world we live in. We do what we promise knowing what good looks like.

Be Bold & Passionate

We are curious and open minded about new ideas and progress.
We explore new grounds and actively look for innovative solutions.

Earn Trust & Respect

We build trust by being honest, caring and reliable.
We respect each other, our customers and partners.

Enjoy Working Together

We promote partnership with customers, vendors and each other.
We flavour our days with positivity, humour and joy.