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Transform your incoming calls to on-demand interactions, deliver an extraordinary customer experience and boost your sales with our cloud-based call center solution.


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Benemen is the world’s #1 cloud-based voice platform, Trusted by
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Customer Experience Professional

Put speech at the centre of all customer encounters at every stage of the customer cycle. Humanize the connection between your brand and your customers with more delightful and empathic voice experiences for a seamless customer experience.


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Sales Executives & CMOs

Get total visibility into call sentiment, past interactions, predictive purchasing decisions and more with Benemen’s data tracking functionalities. Understand which leads are hot, identify account risks and preempt churn before it happens.


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Contact Center Professional

Supercharge your team with modern tools for modern talking across every stage of the custom cycle, regardless of time, place or channel. In today’s hyper competitive business environment, personalised experiences win loyalty, fend off competitors, and accelerate growth.


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Say goodbye to costly servers, hardware maintenance and security patches. Built for the cloud, our solution eliminates long lead times and replaces complex legacy systems with standardized governance on a unified modern platform.

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Ready to elevate your business with the power of voice?
Get acquainted with our solutions for modern talking.

BeneVoice for mobile

Never miss a call again

Benemen helps you handle any volume of calls and gives you everything you need to predict, identify and solve caller issues in real time. Whether you are a busy call center new to the cloud or young start up born in it, our AI-backed telephony solution will help you resolve calls faster, close more sales and work smarter—one conversation at a time.


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The # 1 Voice Platform for Salesforce

When you create a better voice channel experience – like offering an engaged, human conversation instead of hold music and impersonal scripts– you’ll actually get more loyalty and up-sales.


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Benevoice for teams

Boost your productivity with Benevoice and Microsoft Teams

Benemen complements Microsoft Teams Voice with Direct Routing as a Service. - Certified integration and calling capacity on demand powered by the BeneCloud platform. BeneCloud is equipped with modern voice & operator services. Implementation doesn’t require any local components in customer network and locations. This solution combines all your needs for a unified communication platform including Microsoft Teams and mobile and fixed line telephony.


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BeneVoice for D365

Bring Voice to
Microsoft Dynamics 365

No-more silos - one platform for all customer engagement. Intelligent automation of workflows, smart routing of calls and efficient case handling. Voice as key channel for world class customer experience.


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Our people make the difference



Our dedicated, knowledgeable team is always open for new talents. We are on a shared mission, value each other and enjoy working together.

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More than just a phone system

Out of the box, Benemen comes with industry-leading functionality


Smart routing

Map out custom routes, cascade calls using custom presets, update routing rules based on real-time feedback, route after hours and unexpected scenarios calls.


Call queue management

Personalise the call queuing experience, play music and messages based on real-time data, handle more calls, miss less opportunities and deliver more satisfaction with queue callback options.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Route calls to mobiles, customize distribution and call rules, smart IVR directory, classify callers according to needs.


Call recording

Access your call history and listen to call recordings.


Call data collection and analysis

Omnichannel call data in one place, access 360 view of the customer, analyse by call volume, sentiment, past interactions and more, take service to the next level based on data.


AI-backed workflows and prompts

Caller context data guides agents to more succesful closes, resolve Faster with Past Interaction data, see call notes an action prompts, whisper secret recommendations to teammates on live calls.

Check out how our customers succeeded with our help

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Tapiolan Lämpö making staff both more reachable and more efficient with help of Benemen

Group’s customer service obtained communication tools from Benemen, making staff both more reachable and more efficient.


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25% more effective use of resources for Pohjantähti with help of Benemen

Just before entering the ‘new normal’, Pohjantähti decided to differentiate itself by choosing voice as the key channel for customer encounters. This enabled human-to-human touch in all key touchpoints.




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better first call resolution (FCR) with intelligent contact routing


better customer retention


more effective use of resources

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